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Clindamycin, Doxyacilin, and Brevoxyl 4 Generic

I'm 15 years old and have had acne since I was 13, but then it was very minor, now it has elevated to moderate, and I feel if I never attempted to treat it, it wouldn't have gotten this bad, but. Heres what my dermatologist put me on.

Bevoxyl 4 Benzoil perxide 4%, wash back chest, thighs and face in shower.  Doxycilin 100mg, late in evening cause im really fair and sentivity to sun. At night before bed I wash face with a soapless gentle cleaner, or brevoxyl 4 and use clindamycin lotion. The clindamycin lotion makes my face more oily it seems, and is pretty thin, like milk. So far i've been on this regime for more than 3 weeks ,and the doxycilin and brevoxyl has cleared up my chest and back, and thighs almost completly, but my face has just been getting worse. Should I have seen results by now. My next appointment is on the 23. Should I stop clindamycin, being the only difference from my face and body acne which has cleared up. Or should I continue use. Right now on my face I have on my temples 3 hard nodules under the skin on left, and 2 on right, a few papules on each temple. A really red, but flat papule under my left eye. hundreds of blackhead on nose and under eyes, closer to cheeks. On my cheek only 1 minor pimple which I think is just a fluke, and a few bumps left over on my chin. I have 5 or 6 smaller but inflamed bumps with no heads yet, but really red.  Thanks, sorry it's so long. By the way im a Male who eats healty and exercises when I have time.
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Hi. Clindamycin lotion may make your skin feel oily. Continue use unless this is particularly troublesome and mention this to your prescriber at your appointment.
I would expect your skin to be clear within 8 to 12 weeks so don't give up yet. It is better to persevere with one regime than to give up too soon and switch to another.
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i am 38 and on doxycycline for 6 weeks - no real improvement yet - getting really deperessed with these spots
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