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Cystic acne

I am looking for help in regards to my 13 year old daughter.  She has severe cystic acne for the past 7 months.  The cystic acne was just beginning late last year in 2013.  The oral antibiotics were of no further help so we started Accutane in Dec 2013.  She had the terrible initial flare but it has not stopped!!  She started out on Accutane 30mg twice a day and then bumped up to 40mg twice a day.  Then dropped to 40mg once a day.  She weighs about 155lbs.  This whole time she has been on and off again with Prednisone as high as 30mg once a day with tapering doses.  Once she tapers down to 10mg she begins with large cysts once again.  She has also been put on YAZ birth control (androgen blocking) and Spironolactone 100mg every day.  Nothing is helping.  The prednisone significantly helps at 30mg but the acne comes back even worse than before when she tapers to lower doses.  I do not want her on long term Prednisone use due to the terrible effects of such a drug.  She has had a full workup with pediatric endocrinologist who has ruled out any tumors or abnormal hormone levels.  Endocrinologist states "everything looks fine."  Where do we go from here!!!  She is now very severely scarred on both shoulders and chest.  Very few cysts on her face but they are creeping up and have started on her neck.  She has only gotten worse by 100% since we started treatment about 7 months ago!!  Please help!!!
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Hello, I also suffer from cystic acne. My main problem spots are on my cheeks and chin. They had put me on all the same medications as well yet nothing would hell. I ended up getting steroid injections on the site of the cyst and it used to hurt like he'll but within about a day they would drain and disappear. I grew very tired of scarring my face as well as dealing with the pain of the injections. I began looking into other options and found a place called "Murad" they were able to help me so much, I ended up going once a week then every 2 weeks and further and further spread apart only going as needed. They had amazing dermatologist as well as esthetic Ian that would do facials and help out with the best cleansers and masks to take home. It was somewhat price but I can honestly say since 2008 I have only had 2 cysts. I used to got one every other month or so. I believe the place was in El Segundo.  Hope this helps
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There are different forms of Accutane.  Nephew started with Accutane and it didn't help after 6 months.  My sister sent him to another dermatologist and she said, "No, you need on a different form of Accutane."  It worked.  Was on it for 1 year and has the best complex now.  Ask about the different forms of Accutane.
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