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Daniel Kern's Products... (are they worth it?)

Okay I have looked up different acne medications.. reading reviews and what not and i am getting so jksahksahja frustrated.  Simply because so many things are scams and fake and then there are medications that have half good reviews and half bad.  I did look up Daniel Kern's BP Gel though... and it got 4 1/2 stars out of 901 votes on Acne.org.   And his Face wash got about 4 stars, while his

I was wondering have any of you tried Daniel Kern's products?  
And if so, are they affective and what would you rate them out of 5?
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I would recommend getting prescription medicine as over the counter products are of limited benefit except for occasional acne. The most effective topical gel, according to dermatologists research is Differin, especially when used in conjunction with an oral anti-biotic such as erythromycin or oxytetracycline. If insurance is an issue please get back to me and we'll work on some other ideas.
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Yeah I don't have health insurance at the time actually...

But I go to Acne.org to look at all the reviews on acne medications, and it does have prescription medications also.  I looked up Differin and it didn't seem to work for a lot of people, they gave if 3 stars... which is out of 770 votes.  I use to go to the dermatoligist when I was about 12 b.c when I started puberty I got acne really bad.  They gave me Differin... I don't recall it ever working for me.  The antibiotics cleared up the acne on my back though... but I don't get acne there anymore.  But I went through tons of medicines and it was just a waste of money.  I stopped going and got it cleared up on my own.  But now my skin just seems to need stronger stuff.  And a lot of people said that Daniel Kern's BP gel was strong and worked really well.  That's why I wanted to try it.  

Actually...  as funny as this may sound I've been using toothpaste, and it works very well.  So I'm thinking about just using that and my clearpore face mask for a while and see how much my skin clears up, in the past I never gave it enough time to clear it up completely.  
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I think Dan's regimen might be worth a try for you.  Do you mostly get inflamed acne?  It seems to work best on mild to moderate non-cystic, inflamed acne.  If you get noninflamed acne a lot (whiteheads, blackheads) or if you get cysts then this regimen might not be your best option.  If you try Dan's BP, it is best used with the prescribed regimen that is outlined on acne.org.  The good reviews are probably mostly from those who use the BP as it is recommended in Dan's Regimen.  

Another possiblity you might consider is Face Reality Acne and Skin Care Clinic.  They are located in the San Francisco Bay area, but they also work with acne clients long distance.  I go to this clinic, and i can't say enough good things about them.  They got me clear in about 9 wks, and I have stayed mostly clear for the last year and a half using their products and recommended regimen.  They have a very good success rate at treating acne in both in-office and long distance clients.  If you want to see more about them go to www.facerealityskincare.com

There are some before and after photos of some of her clients at this link too:

Feel free to email me if you have any questions about Dan's regimen or about the Face Reality Acne Clinic.  Good luck to you!

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BTW - the Face Reality Clinic is not run by a dermatologist.  It is run by an esthetician who has 18 years of experience treating acne, and who gets 90-95% of her clients clear using non-prescription acne treatments.  
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Well thank you for your advice.  Actually yeah I do seem to get inflamed acne. I'll get big ones that seem to be pretty deep on my chin, then I got pimples scattered all across the sides of my face and my jaw line.  But I do have a lot of clogged pores, it seems as if just about every pore on my face is clogged.  It really sucks, thank god for BareMinerals so I can cover it up when I go out.  I think I am gonna try the BP though.  I haven't been using a cream or anything, but I think if I used that BP gel with the toothpaste it'd clear up really well.  The toothpaste has already dried up most of it and about half of it is cleared away now, they just need to heal up.  

But I have very oily skin, and I am terrible at picking at my skin.  So that doesn't help one bit.  

I'm gonna check that site out though.  Also... like I said, I have bad blackheads.  I was wondering if you knew anything that can clear that up?  B.c I realllllly need to get something done about that.  In the past I was able to clear up my inflamed acne... but when it came to my blackheads it's like nothing worked very well, it did help a bit though, but certainly not enough.  I was wondering if Biore strips are any good?  I really don't know...
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If you are going to use the BP, its best to follow Dan's Regimen as described on acne.org.  The BP works best when used with a very specific regimen.  Also, BP should be used not only to treat existing breakouts, but also when you are clear.  BP is best used as a preventative measure for acne, not as an after the fact treatment.  To stay clear, you will probably need to use the treatment products daily (again, as described on acne.org).

I would stop using the toothpaste - while it may seem to help by drying out pimples, it actually may do more harm than good.  Toothpaste has a lot of very irritating ingredients that can really overdry and irritate your skin, which can lead to more acne flare ups.  There are much better products that are specifically made for drying out pimples.  You might see if you can find a sulfur mask such as Queen Helene's Mint Julep mask,  Its a good spot-treat (I like it better as a spot treat than as an all-over mask).  You can also ice inflamed pimples for a few minutes, 2-3 times a day,  Ice helps reduce inflamation and redness.  

I do still recommend checking out the Face Reality website,  They have an amazing ability to treat acne, and they get the vast majority of their clients clear in just a few months.

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Daniel Kern's benzoyl peroxide 2% treatment has definitely worked for me. I had acne all over my face and after the first time using the treatment I noticed less new pimples. I've been using it almost everyday for about two weeks just like the instructions say and my face is almost clear now. You don't have to use as much as he says, but it's really gentle and doesn't dry as much as I was afraid of. I don't think his face wash or moisturizer are any better than the ones I already use, but the treatment is amazing. Totally recommend it.
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Daniel Kern's products are miraculous and affordable.  I didn't find them until I was in my 40s - it was life changing to use them. Other products do not match up and cost so much more.  I have also tried prescriptions - they fall short of Daniel Kern's products.  Check them out - you won't regret it.
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the last two commenters are fakes. the only two definitively positive reviews in this thread were posted by profiles created at the time of the posting (suggesting the profiles were created for the sake of writing these positive reviews) and both profiles were one time posters. nice try, daniel kern.
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Skin Laboratories offers a variety of chemical peels, great for acne,
scars, and many other skin conditions.  I work for Skin Laboratories and would
recommend any of their chemical peels.
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I have been on the "Regimen" for 3 yrs.  I have tried proactive, the orange color kit in walgreens, antibiotics, retin A, homeopathic, Zenmed, and the list goes on.  I got acne when I was a teenager and suffered with it until I was 32 when I started using Daniel Kerns products.  I really just tried the products so I could say I did, but I didn't expect them to work.  First of all, ACNE IS DIET RELATED!!!  Sorry, but it is.  Food allergies are one thing, food sensitivity and food intolerance is another.  We were created able to process and digest unprocessed foods, moderate in sugar, fats etc.  Try an ADAM & Eve (meaning did Adam & Eve have access to it) diet and see your skin, hair and nails respond healthily.  We eat what food scientist create, not chefs.  Food combining is another issue.  Eating steak and a baked potato is not a good combination for some due to the stomach not creating the enzymes needed to break down both at the same time.  Fruit digest rapidly so its should be eaten alone.  Apples on salad with chicken huh?  Can be a problem.  Again these issues relate to some people not all.  However most of the ingredients in food are bad for everyone!  Food is our fuel.  If you put gas in a car and the car wants to take a nap and not a ride,  well that would be bad gas right?  The same applies to food and our body.  Food should give you energy.  You should want to run around the block after a meal not doze.  Less energy after refueling with food means either too much or too bad.  You must also HYDRATE!  You must also have a VERY REGULAR digestive tract!  Constipation or hard stools is a sign that waste is not leaving the body in a timely manner.  ALL OF THESE WILL CAUSE ACNE!!!  But we are greedy, lack self control, do not have real life fulfillment thus we get it from food- and too much of it.  So we want to cheat.  We want to slap some **** on our face and disregard the stress, crap we eat, amount of crap we eat, etc that actually cause the problem.  We don't want to take the time to eliminate small things like dairy, wheat, sugar, chocolate, hydrogenated oils, processed foods etc. one by one to see how our body responds and maybe fix the root issue because that could take a few months!  Oh and the reason cows are on the front of glue is because its made from MILK!  Kids eat glue because its made from MILK!  We are the only species that consumes cows milk as adults, even adult cows won't drink cows milk-maybe cats, but you get it.  Stop trusting scientist and the FDA, assuming that they could only sell it because its ok to eat.  That's simply not true.  Your body will tell you if its ok.  Acne means it isn't.  Gas means it isn't.  Feeling to full run means it isn't.  Now, Daniel Kern.....The stuff surprisingly works.  If you don't want to SERIOUSLY commit to lifestyle and diet adjustments, or if you want to supplement those changes with additional symptomatic help- this program works.  I ain't Daniel Kern either.  He's a short white guy who seems quite soft and I'm definitely not that!  He seems to really give a **** though and trust me your Dermatologist wants you to come back your whole life as he gets kickbacks from all the different meds he prescribes as you score the starring role of 'Labrat'.  I haven't tried anything else since being on the Regimen nor will I.  Although I have made changes to my diet, I live in Denver, CO and the dry air causes my skin to produce oil like BP and dry out at the same time.  I know this because the moment I land in Houston my skin clears within a week (poor diet and all) without treatments on the skin.  Trust me folks, I never ever thought my skin would be clear.  The regimen works!  This is the first time I've written on this kind of site but I feel I owe the guy who cleared me up.  And if you stay on the Regimen, you will stay with good results.  I still think most can avoid acne treatment with lifestyle changes though.  I know acne is torture so I wrote this.  I wish I would've known as a teenager to eat smaller portions and eat less bread/sugar and make sure to take frequent dumps.  Give the diet and good ole' Dan a shot and get your life back!  P.S. Go easy on the alpha hydroxy acid, it can dry out the skin.
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This is my first comment. No I am not Daniel Kern nor do I work for him. I am just a regular dude that had moderate acne as a teen and have mild acne now.

When my acne was bad (in middle school mostly) I got Retin-A which was prescription and for moderate acne. It was drying and made my face red and sensitive sometimes. It sorta work. And I also tried different strengths of Benzoyl Peroxide (up to 10% was the highest). I remember those didn't work so well.

I think it was mainly a time thing. Around college and after, I still got acne, although not a whole lot. Enough though to still want to use nightly creams.

I tried ProActiv. At that time it was really popular. It was hard to keep up with the regiment and I thought it was expensive. It worked decently well. Not a miracle cure by all means though.

Then I discovered Daniel Kern's products. Reminded me of ProActiv because there were several steps. Different though. This has been the only regiment I've ever used that was very gentle and yet effective. Plus you get a lot of product for your money.

Cetaphil is super gentle as well but it doesn't cleanse very well in my opinion. I think Cetaphil is for people with rare cases of acne and have very sensitive skin.

Back to Daniel Kern products. I used to do the lathering of the treatment all over my face like he wants you to. I stopped doing that and just apply a thin layer and it works great.

The very best part of all of his products is that they feel very pure. The cleanser doesn't feel all chemically from perfumes and coloring like a lot of store bought cleansers do. It's not harsh, nor is it too gentle. The treatment has a small amount of Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5%) so it isn't too drying. The moisturizer, which I often don't use or buy feels very clean too. Not too oily or greasy, which would happen if you used regular lotion.

At this point in my life with my acne way down, I just use the cleanser morning and night and the treatment every once in a while. The price is right and you get a lot. It works and there aren't many filler chemicals to make it look pretty and smell nice. It cleanses and treats, but not too abrasively.

I don't buy any other products. Believe me I've tried everything at the store too. I haven't tried everything prescription. At one point I was taking some pill at my most severe and I remember it did a little bit for my face and upset my stomach sometimes.

Best thing you should do is try different things and find out what works for you. As for Daniel Kern's yes they are legitimate working products that work for some people. Worth a shot.

Good luck and remember that your acne will get better over time.
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