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Do benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid contribute to skin aging?


I have adult acne and through much trial and error have found a regimen that works for me: 4% BP gel in the mornings and 2% SA at night, along with a good hydrating moisturizer. Since these acne products increase cell turnover and exfoliation, I was wondering if extensive use could lead to premature aging of the skin. One of the components of aging is mutation via repeated DNA replication. The more times your body makes copies of its cells, the higher the chance of a mutation occurring and a less-than-perfect copy being made. So, does it follow that BP and SA, by increasing skin cell renewal, would hasten the aging process? I can't find anything about this in the literature, only a few other public forums with what I think is scare-mongering about free radicals. Could you clarify the risk and point me to any studies done on the subject?

Many thanks!
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Hi. The extent to which Benzoyl Peroxide causes premature aging will relate to the amount used, the strength used and the duration it is used for.
If your tendency to acneic skin has continued for a long time you may which to alternate this regime with another, or substitute this product for another.
You don't say how old you are or if you are male or female. If you are female and under 35 you may benefit from taking Cyproterone Acetate and Ethinylestradiol (Diane35 or Dianette). This works by blocking the action of androgens which stimulate the sebaceous glands.
What are results like with Oxytetracycline or Lymecycline? (I don't recommend Erythromycin for adult acne as results are poor due to resistance).
If you prefer to use topical products a synthetic retinoid such as Differin (adapalene 0.1%) is highly effective and generally well tolerated. Rebalance skin fragilised by topical treatments by using cleansing and moisturising products by Lutsine Hydrafnia or La Roche-Posay.
If your acne is severe and has not responded to standard treatments you may warrant Accutane (oral Isotretinoin). This is considered the gold standard treatment for acne and patients usually experience a long term remission after one course lasting 16 to 24 weeks.
As with all medicines, the potential side effects of acne treatment must be balanced aginst the expected benefits.
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Wow!  This is the first time I have heard this.  I have always been told that the constant exfoliation would make the skin look younger.  
As a matter of fact, there is this approximately 75 year old man who lives in my area; he has been getting regular chemical peels for years.  He looks to be 20 years younger than he is.  It could be good genes, I don't know.
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