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Do you have issues with Acne and/or blackheads?

I am posting this as a question cause it would be near impossible to go and answer every post concerning acne.  This is a simple home remedy that really works and works far better than any over-the-counter acne medication.  You will toss out your pimple chemicals forever after trying this.

Lemons.  Seriously.  Lemons annihilate acne.  They produce a natural substance that kills pore-clogging bacteria.  Use fresh organic lemons.  For a really bad acne sore or similar sore you can put a slice of lemon directly on it for awhile so it can do it's work.  Wash face with fresh lemon juice regularly you can add some sugar if you want a natural exfoliating action.  This may also work for some cyst** type sores as well though placing the slice on the sore and leaving it there for a considerable time would work best for this.  You should notice some shrinkage within the first day on sores this bad and may take up to 2-4 days for it to disappear completely.

For blackheads: Cucumbers.  Seriously.  Take a slice or two of cucumber and rub on face or problem areas each night and you will notice a reduction in probably less than a week if not a few days.

Two of the best kept secrets for acne and they are probably in your fridge right now and so much cheaper than oxy and the other chemicals like pro-active.  Every teenager should be told about these ;o)  Try it and be amazed!

Drinking lemon water will also help keep your skin clearer from the inside out!  Drinking water helps this too by flushing out toxins and makes skin healthier, give a glow and softer skin! Gives as much energy as soda but healthy!  Restores proper PH balance in your body! And soooo much more!  Do a google search on lemons and see just how good they are for you ;o)

**May work to treat Hidradenitis suppurativa which is a type of acne also called acne inversa
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Thanks again for your post and this would definitely help other members. While daily skin care and skin products help with acne, healthy diet, proper hydration and natural products such as lemon and cucumber may indeed help also in preventing and controlling breakouts. Take care and best regards.
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