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Every summer in my buttock appears something that itches and skin swells ?

It started 3 years ago, no dots just slight spread out brownish and itches a lot and after itching the skin swells up, in my buttock, it also spreads but never left the upper part of back thigh and buttock. When I don't scratch the skin is just fine but a little brownish but on itching skin becomes rough and swells. I have no pus no scar nothing.. just every summer when I sweat it starts appearing, just itches a lot and swells after rubbing the place.. buttock and the region beneath my underwear elastic.. when untouched it just normal plane skin but a little brownish. It goes away after using creams and then in the next summer it appears as resistant to earlier cream. What should I do. Let me tell you, it was completely killed in one shot by "Terbinafine HCL cream" Daskil... last summer but this time this cream is just useless.
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A complete history, clinical examination is important for correct diagnosis and management. Psoriasis, shingles and jock itch are few common causes of buttock rashes. Psoriasis appears as patches of red, dry and scaly skin that flakes. Jock itch has similar symptoms to psoriasis but will have a rash instead of raised patches of skin. In shingles, a rash most commonly occurs on one side of the buttocks or trunk, and then turns into blisters. Since it recurs every summer it is possibly a fungal infection. A clinical examination is important for correct diagnosis and management. Treatment involves topical antifungals.I hope it helps.
Best luck and regards!
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Thanks for your reply. Its not so ugly like any of these, when there is no itching its plane skin slightly brown just.. and its never scaly and no blister.. it has a tingling itchy feeling when it starts itching and it doesn't always itch ! I am a brown skin man and so its almost hard to see anything there ate all, only when it itches and I touch the area then I can feel the roughness .. ups and downs.. it doesn't always itch, but for example in the early morning it start itching and I wake up rub some cream like "Turbinafene HCL" then it stops.. then after a few hours may be again... it just itches and if I rub then it stops gradually... and rubbing actually spreads it across the buttock.. now it has reached my upper part of back of my left theigh.
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Dear Madam,

Strange it may sound but as you are a doctor so I felt like telling you, I used "Fair and Handsome" cream and it worked to suppress the itching.. and as the temperature is going down (28 deg now) and no sweating.. my itching is almost gone ! What sort of a fungi it is.. so sensitive to temperature and sweat... please reply.
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