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HIV?Std? Rash

I put myself in a high risk situation with a Thai prostitute in and the condom broke. I stopped immediately when she told me....Ive been worried sick about HIV
I foolishly had sex with my partner within 2 days. This was 3 weeks ago....
I now have a mark to the right of my eye resembling a rash.
Today it is more red in colour seems larger small still about half size of a quarter coin
It has been there about 10 days....
I also have a very large ulcer in my mouth, which my partner also has.
Some small pimple (but not) spots have also appeared. Red dots on my shoulder...theyve been there nearly 2 weeks  
It seems also that my body moles seem larger in size, or more....
I had other symptoms within a week of exposure that resembled a stomach problem, since dissapeared.
My partner had this also and enlarged spleen.
I read these are possible symptoms. If this is HIV can I get tested now? after  4 weeks....or is it too early....
What is the size of the rashes or skin conditions or are they non descriptive....
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Hi. 97% of people will develop antibodies in the 3 months following infection with HIV. Rarely, it can take up to 6 months for antibodies to be detected via testing. If you test negative within 3 months it is therefore a good idea to have a second test after 3 months. Abstain from sexual contact with your partner until you have received a second negative result.
People with HIV/AIDS often experience skin problems due to a lowered immune system. But there is no particular rash which is conclusively linked to HIV.
You may also want to post this in the dermatology and HIV forums, as my forum is dedicated to Acne.
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