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Hair causes Facial Single Pimple Rash

About a month ago i started to notice that a small swollen bump forms on my face on the right temporal side. Sometimes it is when i do light exercise such as push ups and sometimes when i feel my hair poking  my face near that area. At first it starts out as a red irritated area that is about 3/4 inch in circumference, then that area starts to swell slightly up and in the middle i feel a tiny bump.

Maybe i thought it is something to do with eggs because all i can remember for those three instances that it has happened I remember eating eggs in the morning. One day the bump formed at night and the other days it formed right in the afternoon.

Is this a permanent rash or can it go away? What is it?
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It is possible to develop an allergy to just about anything, and dairy products are often the source. Have an allergy test, they can detect your level of allergy to 400 things just from your hair. Avoid eggs and see if that helps, and keep a food diary. If you ever get other symptoms with the rash such as swelling or trouble breathing go to the hospital as some allergies can be serious. xx
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