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Have you tried everything to treat your acne and nothing's worked?

Hi guys,

I have had acne my whole life and when it's bad I get the cysts with scars. A year ago my acne was the worse it has ever been. I felt so self conscious and lost a lot of confidence. My friend introduced me to something that worked for her. I had my reservations because I felt like I had tried everything. I was so reliant on pan oxy setroid cream until one day when I was unable to buy it. I cried and went into panic mode. The chemist at the time said use the freedom products and suggested some other stuff you can get off the
supermarket shelf, but they never worked for me it made it worse.  

From that I decided to use natural products such as tee tree essential oil, which I use to wash my face with, but the one product that has worked for me inside out is juice plus fruit, veg and berry capsules. They only contain 100% fruit, veg and berries that have been dried with sugars taken out. Together they contain 30 different fruit and veg. I thought the same, how are they different from eating fruit and veg a day?  The difference is can you guarantee that you are consuming a variety of fruit and veg every day. They are not designed to replace your fruit in take but to compliment it.

I'm going to let my pictures show you. I would not have post anything here if I didn't believe this could help. Because I believe in the product I've become a distributor so you can get some from me.

Guys if interested email me on
***@**** and I hope you find something that works for you.
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