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Help me for proper Acne treatment

I am tired from Pimples on my face, actually they are not regular but when season changes or in cold they are coming in a lot. I consult 2-3 dermatologist but they mostly giving antibiotics with different types. I am mentioning them below,
1st dermatologist: tab. Minoz 50 (minocycline, daily 1 for 15-20 days)+ benzoyl peroxide cream
2nd dermatologist: tab Avindo 500(azithromycin Tablets IP- daily 2 for 6 days) +   Isotroin 20mg (Isotretinoin, daily for 15 days) + hh fudic cream
First derma. Prescribed  dosage worked out in 20 days, but again acne started coming in 7-8  months. Again I consult with second, he prescribed me mentioned above, But I read from Internet that Isotretinoin has many side effects including hair fall, so I neglect that dosage of Isotretinoin by afraid , only azithromycin took for 6 days. Pimples are reduced to some extent but they are leaving scars on face. Is HH fudic cream will work for both pimples and scars ?
Dosage of Minoz 50 (minocycline) will work for me if I takes this 20 days, is it good for health to take it in 6 months for 20 days  ? I am only afraid of hair falls as a side effect.
Please guide me for this, as  I am very depressed because of this problem

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Hi there!

HH fudic cream contains an antibiotic and could be useful for pimples but would have little effect on the scars. Oral antibiotics should never be taken without medical advice and prescription. You could try using topical ointments containing benzoyl peroxide/ clindamycin. Using isotretinoin under medical advice is a personal choice, as side effects are always a risk. If topical medications do not seem to be helpful, it is best advised to see a dermatologist for systemic or alternative treatment modalities.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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I got as per dermatologist presc. tab Avindo 500(azithromycin Tablets IP- daily 2 for 6 days) +   Isotroin 20mg (Isotretinoin, daily for 15 days) + hh fudic cream but i checked about Isotretinoin sideeffects on web, do i did not having daring to take this..other azithromicin i took for 6 days and applying Fudic cream on my face. Some of pimples went out....but some of which are remain they are not want to go out  ... can yu suggest what should i do next ?
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hey i'm not quite sure where you are located but if you are in the US and you dont feel like going through the pharmacy to get perscriptions i suggest (and i personally take these) "BORBA- clear skin capsels" for what ever reason since i moved to california my pimples are only on my cheeks and are annoying so i work at walgreens and we have this product within 3 days of me taking these pills i noticed a drastic change! and once i realized how strong they were i decided to take them every other day. but they work and walgreens, from what corp told me, we are the only retailer with this product. try it . like 16 bucks
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Purchase some toothpaste and apply it to them blemish. Make Sure You Stay Hydrated By Drinking H2o. One of the main reasons people break out in acne is because their bodies produce toxins that shouldn’t be produced. Use A Special Kind of Soap (Make Sure it is Oil Free).
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