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How to treat my face problem?

Two months ago, I realized my left and right cheek popping out few pimples. I was shocked so I rushed to a beauty center for face treatment. At that time, the beautician popped my pimples using needles and then she applied some skincare steps. But I saw my face got red and black acne spots. I asked her whether they could disappear or not and then she said yes. She gave me toner, vitamin e cream, and sensitive cream for me to apply on my face. After a period of time, I noticed my face haven't improved that much instead the situation even worse. I saw there is a facial promotion so I decided to do the second time. She used needle to clear my pimples inside my left cheek because there is a pain when touching and then she applied some skincare steps. This time she gave me low amount of vitamin e cream and sensitive cream for me to apply on my face. Few days later, I noticed there is a bigger pore due to the acne extraction. Also my left and right cheek became inflamed and flaky. Am I being cheated by them? Should I go back to ask for clarification? Or go to see dermatologist?
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You know, I"m not a big fan of these treatments.  And I have red that, for example, if you squeeze out a black head you leave a hole that sometimes never goes back verses if you simply use astringent and cleaner, the blackhead will clear and the hole or pore that is opened will close. Does that make sense?  

I'd skip those treatments and yes, see a dermatologist. But remember, a few pimples here and there is not abnormal. I tend to notice things with relation to my hormones.  As they shift with my cycle, I have an occasional break out.  I keep it clean and they go away until the next month around the same time.  Joy, right?
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One day I noticed I could pick the whitehead out of my extracted pore. After a while, I noticed the pore closed itself. As a result, I can see there is a tiny little black mark on my face.  

I chose to visit dermatologist and he gave me cleanser, affected area cream, moisturizer, Loratadine and Cetirizine oral for me. Is the doctor solution applicable to my face problem?

My face condition isn't like yours. The stress and the fried foods I ate every night suddenly triggered acne on my face. How did you keep your pimples clean and they go away until the next month around the same time? Does this leave your face with pimple spot or scar?

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