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I cured my ACNE!!! Just wanted to share with everyone!

This isn't a question... just a possible solution to acne that I think EVERY acne sufferer should at least try.

The answer? Vitamin D.  I know, I honestly can't believe something so simple as the "skin vitamin"
could possibly cure my acne.

I have been taking about 1000 IU a day, every day for the past month now.  Both with my breakfast and with my
supper... and ACNE IS GONE!!!!  I am 25 years old and have had acne since I was 14... and for once no more acne!  In particular, I haven't suffered much on my face, only while I was a teen, but always had acne on my back.

Not only that but my blackheads on my nose aren't there anymore!  I even had blackheads on my shoulders.
Sometimes on my back... always had many pimples on my back... tried so many things...
using clean towels, clean bed sheets, wearing 2 shirts a day, Differin prescription acne cream, Proactiv.

For everything I have tried, I have never been able to accomplish my goal of no acne, the closest thing was a
rigorous Proactive regime, which I used twice a day on my back.

Now here I am 1 month after... and I'm absolutely blown away by the results.

And NO MORE OILY SKIN!!!!  I would always touch myself and I couldn't believe how oily my skin would be.
My skin is not oily anymore!  It just looks like healthy skin!

The root of the problem??? Is the oil... the bacteria thrive on the oily skin, the oily skin is some acne sufferers
response to a lack of vitamin D... probably trying to make the precursor to vitamin D in the skin so it can be turned to vitamin D in the liver.

But what happens when you have sufficient levels of vitamin D???  Well, your body no longer needs to make
the precursor in the skin.  

It also makes sense... think about it... acne is always on the face, neck, back, shoulders, or chest.  How often do people get acne on the soles of their feet! lol  or stomach... or places on their body that are much much less likely to get in contact with the sun???

Not only that, but acne is also most common in adolescents!!! Gotta have sufficient vitamin D levels to grow those bones and absorb sufficient amounts of calcium, and they really growing at that age.

We are lacking sun!, We are wearing clothes! We are now wearing sunscreen because we're worried about skin cancer... We are a vitamin D deficient society!

VITAMIN D DEFICIENCY IS THE CURE FOR ACNE!!! lol I'm no Doctor, in fact I'm a University drop out who took courses in Biochemistry, nutrition, anatomy, nutrition, physiology, and organic chemistry so those are all the credentials I can give you... but give it a try and I'm sure you will be shocked at the results...  2 months into it... Umm... somethings wrong here, I have no acne!!!

I am absolutely blown away I finally resolved my acne problem after so much grief about it in my life.  

Just for the record book though... I have been supplementing Omega 3-6-9, flax, fish, and borage oil, Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc... and of course my Vitamin D... JUST vitamin D supplement by itself, not mixed into a multivitamin.  But I'm pretty sure it's the Vitamin D that worked, because I have supplemented essential fatty acids and drink lots of milk for calcium.

Comments? Questions? Feedback? Anyone I would appreciate everyone's input.

Also anyone else as successful with Vitamin D treatment for acne?

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LoL I typed that up too fast but now I reread it... I meant to say VITAMIN D is the cure for acne!!! Vitamin D DEFICIENCY is the cause of acne.  
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I'm so happy I discovered this... I want to share with as many people as possible!
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Hi, just saw your post while searching on google for Vitamin D. I think you're right - I was just trying to figure out why my skin gets better while on vacation and figured it was the Vit D from the sun. I was very weak and tired for the last while with a growing acne problem and my doctor checked for a Vitamin D level which came out low. I think this may be answer to the problem. I have been supplementing pretty high doses for a week now - I'm sure it will take longer to see results but thus far the quality of my skin has visibly improved and blackheads are much smaller - will see how it goes over the next months.

I'm not sure if you knew this, but there is a dermatologist who used Vitamin D to cure acne back in the 1930's and his research paper is available online. I think it was published in 1938 and cites Vitamin D as the closest thing to a cure that he had ever found.

Just a few questions - you said you only took 1000 IU of vitamin D a day, which is fairly low. How long before you saw results? Was your acne mild/moderate/severe? Are you male or female? Is your natural skin color fair/medium/dark?

The reason I'm asking is just to get an idea of how well it will work for me. I have tan/medium skin and don't make much Vitamin D in the sun unfortunately. Also I'm wondering if this works for women with hormonal/cyclic acne.
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Hi I'm so happy to get some feedback!!!  Thank you so much for posting!

You know with today's technology and knowledge, I'm surprised this information isn't widespread and out there!  I guess too much will be lost in sales from accutane (very damaging to the health), differin cream, and proactiv... and of course all those other "temporary acne treatments.

If you check out the RDI for vitamin D, it's actually only 400 IU.  I have been taking 2 * 400 IU pills a day and have a large glass of milk which should equate to about 1000 IU of vitamin D a day.  I had some catching up to do.

I started noticing results within weeks actually... and surprising enough it just got better and better.  I noticed with each day my skin would be less and less oily.  My blackheads on my nose are also smaller.  If you had acne, it will take time to heal away the redness where pimples once were.  About a month, you will notice them fade and fade away back to normal color skin as they heal.  

My prime area of acne has always been my back and sometimes on my shoulders and chest. I would consider my acne consistently moderate on my back, mild on my shoulders and chest.  I have had some acne on my neck and face when I was a teenage but that went away after learning not to touch my face so much with my hand and washing my face in the morning and at night.  

I am a male, and my skin natural skin color is... well I'm peach color but my skin is fairly tannable... however I have been wearing sunscreen each and every day of my life since I was like 15 years old!!! I worry about the effects the sun has on aging the skin... but with that comes my vitamin D deficiency and acne!

If you check out the function of vitamin D... it is actually functions more as a hormone.  And it is a hormone not a vitamin! It has many many functions in the body, not just relating to calcium regulation.  

I read an article just now... some experts are suggesting increasing the RDI for vitamin D from 400 IU to 2000 IU!!!  Yes that's quite the increase.

My main concern with taking too much vitamin D is the possibility of toxicity.  I remember from nutrition that the two most toxic vitamins when taking excessively are Vitamin A and Vitamin D.  The fat soluble vitamins.  I don't want to take too much, I might take 3 of those 400 IU pills now though instead of 2 since scientists are suggesting increasing the RDI.

My theory of what happens is that the oil is part of the metabolism, or is what is being produced as the precursor for the vitamin D.  Then when UV light contacts the vitamin D precursor it changes it to the next form which goes to the liver, and then finally that form goes to the kidneys.  

ANYHOW... if you have adequate levels of vitamin D in your body... this will change the gene expression in your sebaceous glands to stop making the oil for making more vitamin D because you already have enough vitamin D in your body.

I just bought Vitamin A supplements today as well.  I am gonna take 300 ug a day because it may also help as well with skin health.  I think that's the other vitamin I am deficient in.  I think the vitamin A may have a similar function to acne as accutane since it's chemically similar.  Vitamin A is something the body can properly process as opposed to accutane.  I read on the vitamin bottle for Vitamin A that it also promotes healthy skin, so we will see.  May give my skin a more peachy color.  

Accutane is however by far the WORST thing someone can use to treat acne... and may have devastating effects on other organs in the body, particularly the liver.  The apparent effect of accutane is that it works to 'shrink' the sebaceous glands.

Best of luck... I'm trying to get this information out there to people, but so far no one is really paying much attention.

Any more comments?  I appreciate so much if people can comment more on my post.
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Give your post time to get comments.  I for one am going to try this on my daughter.  She has severe back acne - as the endocrinologist said "it's the second worse case he's ever seen."  She follows a milk free, gluten free, lower carb diet.  It has all helped immensely, but not completely.  Maybe this will be the finishing touch she needs to stop all the breakouts.  I do supplement her with Ca/Mg/Zinc at night which I just noticed has added D3 recently and her multivitamin that she takes also has D3.  Sometimes I give her two Ca/Mg pills and always noticed her skin looks better in the morning.  Maybe that is why.  Hard to prove, but I'll give it a whirl and pay more attention to that.  She's never out in the sunshine due to school and work.  And she's a homebody.  Thanks for your theory.  And I believe it did help you.  If I remember, I'll try to report back to let you know how it went.
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Thank you soooooooo much!! I am gonna try Vd for a few months and if it works im gonna tell everyone about it!! I've had acne on my chest face and a little on my back a few times and everyone told me it wasn't that bad but I felt so ugly while I had it. Me and my friend suffer from depression bcz of acne and I'm gonna try this with her!!

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We are trying this for my 17 year old son.  It is working really well, but we have learned that to absorb D, you must have co-factors --- magnesium, zinc, leafy greens, and seeds or nuts (sunflower, walnuts, etc.)   Also, don't take vitamin A with it!   Vitamin A is said to interfere with D at the receptor sites on the cells - A wins and D doesn't get absorbed.  I have read that most Americans have plenty of A, so be very careful with A and don't take the oily form,  maybe just  a little beta caratene -- but we noticed how bad we feel when taking cod liver oil, or vit. A and I think we could be at the toxic level of this vitamin.  There was a story about 2 brothers with rickets who were admitted to the hospital.  They were given huge doses of vitamin D, but they couldn't absorb it..... they noticed on the bloodwork that they were low on magnesium, so as soon as they received enough mag., they recovered on the vitamin D therapy with Magnesium..So it is important to get these other nutrients to help your body use the D!   Good websites are Vitamin D council and EatWild.com .... Our chickens, eggs and meats don't have much D anymore because of the way they are raised and fed.   No sunlight and caged in a warehouse - these chickens cannot be good for us.     They give very inferior eggs and meat.  Naturally fed and they are loaded with the correct nutrients including very valuable D.   Cows need grass - not grain and corn and soy.  They become sickly and cannot give people quality dairy without fresh air, grass and sunlight.  
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Hello everyone.  Just wanted to say a few things about my 'vitamin D therapy'.

First and foremost, when I first noticed such an improvement... 'Honest truth is like an 80% reduction in my acne', and that this is has improved my acne condition the most of any therapy I have tried in the past... I did get 2 little pimples on my face... very small though, and few small ones on my chest and shoulders.  I think I sort of got sloppy with my usual acne treatment (I thought I could slack off in other areas since I thought I was cured with my vitamin D treatment)... in which always sleeping in clean sheets, using a clean towel out of the shower... etc.

I did some research on acne.org, and google with acne and vitamin D, and it appears many people are seeing major improvements with their acne with vitamin D supplementation... especially with adult acne (maybe adults are more likely to know about other things about acne, or are more likely to stick to a vitamin regime, not too sure).

I also wanted to point out that vitamin D deficiency may only be a small part of the puzzle... there could be other deficiency's such as zinc, and as just pointed out by a recent post, magnesium...  I read Zinc as well.  

I've also read that vitamin D deficiency may actually result in poor absorption of zinc!  So there are many theories out there... Another one is that vitamin D boosts the immune function in the skin!

Mine was of course was that vitamin D deficiency causes the sebaceous glands to make oil or the cholesterol that is necessary to make vitamin D in the skin.(with of course sun exposure).

It's hard to say for sure.  One thing I read about vitamin D, is that it's poorly absorbed in it's tablet form, and that a much better method to allow it's absorption is by taking it in oil form.... Like in cod liver oil. (which personally i don't like so much because of the potential risk of exposure to the heavy metal mercury which are emitted into the atmosphere by burning coal and come down into the waters) however some places use some processes to take out the mercury, but it's hard to know for sure.  Or of course eat it with a fatty meal... or your supper... the fat is necessary to absorb the vitamin D.

I have still been taking 400 IU twice a day.  I just wanted to say one day i took 3 of them... 3 400 IU, and the next day I felt sick... my head felt weird, a very strange feeling.  That day I didn't take any supplements and drank plenty of water.  That made me feel much better.  I have resumed my 2 400 IU a day and haven't felt sick from it since.

So yes I continue with my Cal/Mag/Zinc supplement, and my Omega 3-6-9.  I've added the vitamin A in though.  I know I likely get enough of it... but I don't think adding just 3000 IU a day could hurt.  I read it also improves peoples acne.  It has a slight affect of drying the skin a little bit but not too much like accutane, increasing cell turnover... making it easier for dead skin to slough off(another major cause of acne is the dead skin plugging pores).  So I figure vitamin A is another key vitamin to take.  If it interferes with vitamin D absorption since it's also fat soluble, I might take it with my lunch or something then, but I'm only taking it once a day whereas vitamin D i'm taking twice a day.

Another thing... people point out that DIET affects my acne!!!... and then someone will reply no diet doesn't affect your acne!!!  Well what it is... Some parts of diet may affect your acne.  Mind you what you are eating may affect your acne ONLY in the sense of it's glycemic index.  A high glycemic index food such as pop or chips will spike your blood glucose levels very quickly causing a necessary surge of insulin to be released by your pancreas in order to absorb the glucose... The hormone insulin may affect your sebaceous glands.  So in a sense... diet does affect your acne... but not as some people portray it to...

However I have read many many reports by people saying that dairy products may have an affect on acne.  Maybe in people who are lactose intolerant... or maybe in everyone... it's hard to say.

One thing I know, is I have never tried taking dairy out of my diet... and dairy has ALWAYS been a part of my diet.  I like milk, cheese... yummy for me.  But I may try taking that out of my diet to see what happens.

Well that's all I can say for now.  Any more comments are appreciated.

When I first posted I was like OMG I CURED MY ACNE!!! LOL but it hasn't gone away 100%, but it's not very noticeable at all now on my back.  So I still see a vast improvement.  I might have to incorporate other things as well.  Like Vitamin A supplementation that I just started, I also read about some B-vitamins, and zinc.

Taking dairy out of my diet is a last resort for me... it's just too imbedded into my diet... what my meals are about (milk in my cereal), cheese, probiotic yogurt... etc.  It's just a part of my eating habits.  I believe probiotic yogurt is essential to good health anyways and may actually help your acne.  

Any more comments or suggestions anyone.  Thank you for all the feed back. :)

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Just wanted to add something about acne and milk products... Could be because of the hormones in milk.  There are hormones in cow's milk... many kinds, estrogens, toxins, pesticides, other toxins, growth hormones(to make the cow make more milk), cholesterol.  These hormones in cow's milk could be why milk is bad for acne.  You know I think that's it, I'm gonna cut out milk from my diet.  I have been eating organic probiotic yogurt though, and for now I'm going to keep that in my diet because I need a source of healthy beneficial bacteria to help me digest my food.  Gonna use Rice milk with my cereal now.

Argh.. it's tough... eating cheese is good for your teeth, it's rich in calcium and when you bite into it, it helps strengthen the enamel.  Gonna try cutting milk out though, it's worth a shot... will use rice milk with my cereal instead.  
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Okay!   It's been several weeks since we started this and my son is really getting clear.   He is taking two probiotic pills (Kyodophilis), a 250mg magnesium, a  50mg zinc, 2000IU  vitamin D3, a borage oil, a Trader Joes high potency "B" vitamin   once  a day with breakfast.  I ask him if he gets headaches from this and he says he is good.   We have bought grass fed ground beef to make burritos, spaghetti, etc. with a couple times a week.  He eats 5 or 6 salads a week -- leafy greens with olive oil and balsamic dressing.  --- also an apple a day and drinks water - not sodas. For chips we buy baked bbq and plain.  

He washes his face 2 times a day (am and pm) -- Neutrogena Acne wash (orange liquid), lets dry after rinsing, 10% B. Peroxide Gel (CVS),  lets this dry - a thin layer,  then when his skin is dry he uses Neutrogena OIL-FREE moisturizer for sensitive skin.  His skin is almost clear -haven't seen this in 3 years!   He is doing great - not sure what is doing this, but I think all this has contributed.  Not too hard!   Good luck to all you acne sufferers -- HOPE this HELPS !!    from a mom who cares!
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See I knew it... There is a way to cure acne without using Accutane!!!  

Let's see... Accutane... which got pulled off the market because of all the harsh side effects and law suits that were being thrown at the company.  

Avoid the new accutane with a different name... our bodies are not made to process this derivative form of vitamin A.

Okay people Minor side effects:
Chapped lips
Dry skin and itching
Dryness of the nose, nose bleeds.
Irritation of the eyelids
Blurred Vision
Mood Changes
Stomach pain
Rectal Bleeding
Skin yellowing
Joint and muscle pain.
Delayed wound healing.
Hair loss... (Occuring years after the drug is discontinued)
Increased sunburn, less excretion of melanin.
Decreased night vision.

Okay, if those minor side effects aren't bad enough... this may convince you otherwise.

Depression, suicidal thoughts.
Increases levels of LDL.
Terrible birth defects.
Permanent vision loss.  (Cause the retina to become rough)
And also strongly linked to crippling arthritis far down the road when the drug is stopped.

This drug will adversely affect every epithelial cell in your body.
I would rather have acne than take this drug.  Please people don't take this drug to ruin your health.  

I would rather have the acne...

And the good news is you can treat your acne without taking this drug. Or antibiotics either.  Do as much research as you can about acne...

--> get healthy
--> drink lots of water
--> take supplements
--> goto bed at a regular time and get your 8 hours sleep... Make a consistent bed time.
--> take dairy out of your diet.

You can find a solution.

And there is a better way to temporarily 'clear up' your acne than antibiotics...

Just so everyone knows... antibiotics will totally mess up a healthy internal micro flora inside your intestines.  It's not really worth it and can lead to a variety of other health problems.

My acne is very mild now it's hardly noticeable.  I read vitamin A supplements can speed up healing times to get rid of the red after affect of a pimple.
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I love your theory and your on the right track.The natural way is always better. I study natural (alternative) medicine and have never had acne; maybe a pimple here or there. But for the past month or so I have been getting very strange breakout that I won't go into details right now. I started researching it on the internet and found your post on the subject of acne, it was interesting to me because thats my passion to help people cure their problems without the use of prescriptions drugs.

I have studied alternative medicine for the past 8 years. So I started going through all my books and yes everything your doing is great. I also found in one of my books, that I thought would be helpful is an herb called chickweed, it says that if you use this or red clover it can cure ANY skin problem. So I am going out to get some tomorrow. I called my friend ho owns a health store and she said this herb is so great and can do wonders,  that even the FDA wanted to take it off the market because it was curing to many people. Our government isn't great,well don't get me started on that subject I won't shut up! Anyways thought I would share this with you.

If you or anyone has any other issues feel free to ask me questions, I can't promise I'll have the answer but I sure will research it for you and find one or point you in the right direction. This is a passion as well as an obsession of mine. I want people to enjoy there live without the side effects of our society's negligence. If you only knew the half of it, well now i'm rambling because I have so much to share on the subject because it can go in so many directions. Well if anyone is interested in free, good, natural advise let me know. I know some great websites that have help me in the past 8 years on my quest for the knowledge of great wealth,witch is Your Health! And know some amazing wonderful people that I've met along the way with great stories of success in their battle for health.  

Don't know if your interested in any of this, but I know the chickweed for common acne or any skin problems is one of your best bets. A great creditable Dr. mentioned it in his book. Thanks to your suggestions I picked up his book to research what you had to say on the subject and found it. I have so many books, I'm glad I picked up that one. I know it will help my issue. He's been right on the money with everything else. Thanks!
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HI !   Thanks for all the info!   My son is healing, but has some red marks and scabs now.  How do you take chickweed or red clover?   Also, do you know anything about vitamin A for this?   We are avoiding vitamin A based on info on the Vitamin D Council website....  especially the letter from a  mom about her autistic son and avoidance of vitamin A.   I think it must interfere with D -- but what about beta carotene for skin?  maybe take a beta carotene with dinner, not with other vitamins...... Thanks for any thoughts !!
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I personally don't like the use of vit A, because it has a low toxicity level, and you shouldn't be in the sun with to much intake of it, and I believe the sun is an important tool in our health as well as our skin. So I personally would leave it on the shelf, in the form of beta-carotene its ok but you still only want to take a small dose and not with the Vit D dinner would be a good time.It is good for the skin!

Now, the chickweed you can bye at most health stores such as wholefoods or a sunharvest. I don't know what you have in your area,but if you can't find it you can get it online. You can get either pill form where you take 3pills 2x/daily or there is a chickweed tea that you make just as you would a cup of hot tea and drink several cups throughout the day, I don't know how old your son is but whatever way he would take it if its necessary. The same goes for the red clover it comes in a tea form or an extract. Drink or take as much as you would water throughout the day for your body weight ( its completely safe,no toxic level) but thats all you need is for an average adult 8/8oz cups/day or half the amount for a child.In the book Back to Nature the dr. states to replace either your water intake with either of these teas throughout the day.    
Hope I've been of some help,I'm glad your son is clearing up now. Let me know how everything goes have a wonderful day!
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Thanks for the response..... I believe you are correct on Vitamin A.....  It bothers me when I take it and my son took a mixed dose - A with b. carotene and had a allergic reaction.  I believe that without proper vitamin D, the balance is really off and the A gets toxic.  Maybe if people don't have enough vitamin D, the body is really sensitive and the immune system doesn't work well at all.   Just my thoughts since I have been studying this.  I really don't like how I feel when I take Cod Liver OIl and it is loaded with vitamin A -retinol form.  

You know --- trying to eat great and getting lots of vitamin filled foods -vegs, fruits, etc. and then not getting enough vitamin D  might cause an imbalance of the A type foods.  Farm raised salmon ,etc, don't have hardly any vitamin D, but wild varieties do.   I am wondering about using butter since we use it instead of oils to cook - has vitamin A.   Maybe that is too much for us.....  

Thanks for your info -- much appreciated!
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Hey you guys, i just finish reading all the post that are there,
and this got me thinking, i have acne, but more this year i dnt knw why, and its been about two to three weeks i started using Murad Acne Complex, and i kinda see a difference not really tho. I have a question.? You think its a good idea if i start also taking some pills, (Nutrilite) "Vitamin/Mineral Dietary Supplement'??
Any ideas will be great. Thnxs
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I don't know what brand you were using of cod liver oil but the one By Carlson is completely contaminant free and mercury free which is why most people feel bad when taking just any cod liver oil its not the Vit A. If you look mercola.com he is a natural doctor that will tell you all the wonderful health benefits of consuming it. He likes Krill oil better and maybe you will to, but his website is profound when it comes to natural new and advise. I've studied him and his advise for about 7 years now and don't really have any disbuits with his advise on most cases.

Our food industry is so wack, our bodies are craving nutrients we are not getting from our food source it's a sad thing. We are practically starving our bodies to dell while we stuff our face with dead food that have no nutritional value. So we need to balance it out. Here is another website you might find interesting its called foodmatters.tv you won't believe the info from this site. I think you can watch a video on utube on the subject on their site, check it out and let me know what you think.
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Carlson's is what I used because I always followed Mercola's advice, too.  I really only used their brand and kept it in the freezer.  I will look over the foodmatters site tomorrow.   I am interested to see what it says.... also a good youtube video is the michael Holick one---Vitamin D and prevention of chronic diseases -- it is an hour long, but really good !   I'll get back later.  
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I can't say because I don't know anything about Murad --   My post says what my son takes and also what he uses to wash and moisturize.   I think everyone is different in their reactions, but I think this has a lot to do with too much vitamin A and not enough vitamin D..... just a guess though.... based on our diet, etc....could be just the vit. d problem -- hard to pinpoint ----  the doctors could find Vit. D deficiency with a 25(OH) hydroxy vitamin D blood test.
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Everyone should check out this site right here...  I think I'm still not getting enough vitamin D.

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Be careful with Vitamin D -- I think that if you just start taking 5000 IUs of it, it will make you have headaches..... it did me.   Maybe check out Michael Holicks video on Youtube.  He is brilliant about this subject.   Maybe some people can take a lot, and others can't take a lot.   My friend had her levels checked and the MD gave her a prescription to take a whopping amount once a week -- D2.  She has no side effects.... but I did on a little vitamin D ---- I didn't have my levels checked yet.   I'll get back later.
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i'm 27, i have acne too, now i have tried to apply benzyl peroxide 5%, it's very good for me. so i want to share this treatment.
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Hi again,  I just googled about headaches when taking vitamin D.... seems that you and I might have an allergic reaction to lanolin in the vitamin D preparation like a few other  people -- but not all are getting headaches from Vit. D.  I don't seem to have headaches from the little white vit. d pills (400 IU)  at 2  a day, but I am wondering how they prepare it if it is not the oily pill.   I am looking into a UVB lamp to use 2 times a week to make my own vitamin D -- safest way -- I sure don't like my body having a tough time using this very important vitamin.   Lamps are  $$$ expensive, but I think many people are getting great results for psoriasis and skin problems  -- just don't want to spend that kind of money.  I am scared to try more than 2 white pills for fear of getting that awful headache !   If any one knows about this please contribute !  
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Hi ~   Gonna try vitamin D2 today.  It isn't prepared with Lanolin and I found some at Vitamin Shoppe - not expensive.   I hope for no headache !   Dr.Michael Holick said you can still benefit from D2, but your body has to convert it to use it.   He did studies on the effectiveness of it and it is still good.   Vegans use D2 because it is made with plants, not animals.   Lanolin comes from sheep fur and is loaded with vitamin D3.  Maybe I can tolerate very small doses of D3, but not more.
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