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I dont know what to do

Hi, I am 15 years old and last year I had a bit of acne at the start of the year and then went to a derm. and got rid of it after taking minocycline and benz, and differin, and my skin was completley clear. I work out just about every day but i started taking prohormones in may of 2008, yes I know that is ridiculous to do at my age but it made me break out on my chest and back just a litttle, but my face was clear, then when school started this year I dont know what happend, i was using all of my stuff for my face but my face, back , chest and everything just broke out and just , its was bad,......so in octber I went back to the derm. and i was prescribe, tetracycline and I am on my 3rd refill for it and have 1 more left, but sometimes i break out for no reason, i dont know if its the food im eating, my testosterone levels, and i dont know its weird but my skin gets pretty oily throughout the day but I would appreciate some help or advice,

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you stressed out?? i have bad acne...tetracycline didnt do the trick for me either.... ii tried accutane, it worked awesome, until i found out it causes hairloss and half my hair is gone..... and its a pain to get. but if you wanna risk hair over face... think, you can cover acne with hair but not baldness with acne. try mino again
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Hi. Androgens (male hormones) stimulate the sebaceous (oil) glands in the skin. If you have high levels of androgens (for example during puberty, or because you take steroids or testosterone) your skin will become too oily. Bacteria on the skin then feeds off this oil and acne occurs.
Avoid steroids or testosterone-like drugs as these will induce acne. Acne effects virtually all young people and you may need repeat courses of oral antibiotics and topical retinoids until you have outgrown your tendency for acne.
Accutane is prescribed for patients with severe acne for whom standard treatments have not worked. It has an 80% success rate but this must be balanced against the fact that it has many potential side effects.
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