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I have 6 weeks old red Pimple :(,help?

Hi guys, I had this pimple since new years eve (maybe it appeared due big intake of alcohol, I have seborrhoeic dermatitis and I shouldnt drink it), it appeared couple of days later after it near my nose almost under my eye. I started oil pulling with virgin coconut oil once daily and also taking 5 mg biotin, 35 mg Zinc L-Carnosine and 2 000 mg of MSM few days before the pimple appeared.
I tried popping it after few days when it appeared, it just got swollen (with area around it) and did not disappear. It remained pretty much same whole time, until I tried squeezing it again about a week ago, it too became swollen with area around it, head did not came out, just little bit of colorless liquid/Water, and I think it very slightly changed a shape, imo because of squeezing.
Could it be something serious, or just some stubborn pimple? I am hypochondriac, lol. Never had a pimple like this before. Are they common? How should I get rid of it? Thanks.
it doesnt hurt, or itch. I do not feel it at all. I it approximately 0,2-0,3x0,1 mm in diameter.

first picture:
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Hi there!

The image does not seem to be clear and it would be difficult to comment on what this could be without a clinical examination. Likely possibilities include acne, folliculitis, cysts, abscess etc. I would suggest getting this examined by a primary care physician or a dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management.
Hope this helps.

Take care!
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