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I want my face to be acne free once again...:(

"Mother, mother... I am sick. Call the doctor very quick."

I really want to decipher why i am having pimples. When I was in my teens. Pimples come and go. But when I reached 20, pimples started to pop up and say hello. That situation made me stressed and depressed. I always surf the internet for possible answers to my dilemma. I always wash my face after school and even used toner to totally remove dirt. But then again, pimples still persist.

My skin type is combination of oily and dry. I noticed that my face becomes oily 1 to 2 hrs after washing that is why I conclude that my skin type is oily and dry. I try to drink plenty of water everyday. I also love to eat fruits but not everyday. I avoid eating oily food because I believe it would exacerbate the oiliness of my face. Because of required works of law school, I often stay late to finish my readings. I also change my pillow cases twice a week.

My questions are... how can I know the root cause of my pimples? how can I fight these? what are the steps that I should do? Is it the oil in my face that helps build up bacteria that causes acne?

Please, help me overcome this problem. I am losing my confidence and self-esteem because of this. I believe that in every problem, there is always a solution. Thanks MEDHELP! :)
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I completely know how you feel. I've battled with acne since I was a teen and while I am not pimple free, my skin looks the best it has ever been. First, examine the skin care products you are currently using and make sure to look at the ingredients to see if there is anything clogging your pores (ie, isopropyl palmitate). Google zerozits.com and they give you a whole list of acne causing products. Secondly, stick to simple skincare. I use Origins foaming face wash, tone with witch hazel and teatree oil mixure (I combined hese myself-just add about 20 drops of teatree oil in a bottle of witch hazel), then moisturize (i use pure argan oil, also used origins make a difference skin rejuvinating treatment). Finally about twice a week use a mask (i use mario badescu drying mask). I am also under a lot of stress and get acne on my chin. Following a strict skincare routine helps keepmy acne at bay.
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My name is Bobby & I'm 31 years old.  I started to develop acne around age 20. Since then I've tried dozens of treatments: Differin, oral anti-biotics (thanks for the stomach aches), Proactive, Accutane, Green tea masks, chemical peals, facials, etc.  My adult acne ended up causing scarring on my cheeks.  Now that I've hit my early thirties, the acne has slowed down a little but the scarring, blemishes and clogged pores were still there. I am newly engaged and once I realized what was soon to follow (engagement photos, the wedding, wedding pics, etc.) I decided that I needed to get back into looking for something to get rid of my acne AND scarring.  My fiancé is newbie attorney who was approached with a business opportunity to get involved with a new company. Low and behold the company was created by the same dermatologists that created Proactive.  I loved Proactive, with the exceptions that it dried the crap out of my skin because it was made for teenagers and not grown men and it did nothing for my scarring.  I was happy for her to branch out with the new opportunity, but I was mostly excited because this new company created an ADULT ACNE regimen that addresses acne AND scarring! AND me being half italian/half assyrian, it has a separate oil control product that allows me to use it specifically to my need.  I'm not the type of person to go around recommending the things I like to my friends and family.... but after suffering with adult acne for +10 years and knowing the stress and embarrassment that comes with it, I will tell EVERYONE who is looking for help about this product line. Within 72 hours of use, all the bumpiness on my forehead was GONE, I haven't had a pimple, blemish or whitehead since I began using it. AND AND AND... the discoloration and scarring on my cheeks is diminishing. Anyone is welcome to send me a message via this site or just reply to this post.
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my sister also suffered from this problem but she started using retin a and this cream has really helped her now she is acne free and she has a soft skin
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