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Ingrown facial hair/acne?

I have been suffering from ingrown facial hair on my chin, which result in open sores that take forever to heal.  I have Fibromyalgia and recently had some tests done to check my hormone levels.  It turns out I have high levels of estrogen and very low levels of progesterone.  Is this causing excess facial hair (I am a woman) and ingrown hairs, and what can I do about it either way?  I have had these sores on my face for over a year (they keep reoccuring) and it has impacted my self-esteem.  In addition, my 5 yr old daughter draws pictures of me with red "owies" all over my face.  These are very painful and embarrassing!  I have very fair skin (redhead) and these sores are starting to scar!  PLEASE HELP!
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There are several things you can do:
i) Ask your doctor about Spironolactone, a medicine with anti-androgen properties. Androgens are the hormones responsible for acne and unfeminine hair. This can be prescribed on its own or in conjunction with Diane35/Dianette a special contraceptive pill for acne and unfeminine hair.
ii) Use a bland facial wash such as Cetaphil or La Roche-Posay.
iii) Use a topical retinoid gel for the acne. Retin-a is too harsh for your fair skin, so ask your doctor about Differin (adapalene) which is generally well tolerated. Irritation from a topical retinoid can be reduced by using the cleansers mentioned above. Start by applying every other night and gradually increase to nightly use.
Best Wishes, Eloise.
PS: My son draw pictures of me with "baddies" on my face too.
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Hi Eloise!  (btw, I love your name!)

Thanks for the advice.  Do I need a dermatologist to prescribe that medication?  I've been wanting to see one anyway because as a child I had several bad sunburns and I worry about skin cancer.  I'm not sure if I will be able to get in with my insurance though.  I need to try.

I will definitely check to see if my rheumatologist can Rx it...but I doubt it.  I see him in a couple weeks.  

I am a redhead, so thankfully the hairs are very light on my face, so I am thankful for that.

Side note, I am almost finished with my masters degree in music therapy.  I work with children who have aspergers and also CP.  Has your son ever had music therapy?  How's he doing?

Thanks for your advice.  I truly appreciate it!

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You should not need to see a dermatologist, your GP will be able to prescribe these.

Thanks for asking after Zac, he is now 10.  I took him to therapy for 2 years but unfortunately the benefit was outweighed by his distress. He would refuse to get out of the car, refuse to walk up the stairs, hide in a cupboard in the waiting room, physically hurt me and the lady running the therapy. He is very aggressive and large for his age (on the 98th centile) and its difficult to get him to do things he is reluctant to do.
Zac has been offered lots of help -physiotherapy, psychologist, behavior therapy, OT, speech & language therapy etc. But he doesn't like meeting new people and with each new person comes more distress. He has had 3 physiotherapists (one went on maternity leave and the other went back to Canada). Each time he meets a new person we have to start from scratch. Sometimes it takes months or years for him to accept a person or place as part of his routine, sometimes he never does.
Eloise x
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you may want to try tend skin. you can get all over online and even ebay and amazon. it works really REALLY well for ingrown and acne. the website tendskin.com goes into detail as to the process and why it works. good luck!
p.s.-probably a lot less expensive than a lot of other suggestions and options.
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Go the an electrolisist and have the hairs removed. This advice is additional to any medical advice you may get to solve the basic problem. If there is no hair there will be no infections.
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