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Inner buttcheek acne/rash?

This has seriously lasted for about 4 years! It won't go away! I developed acne on the inside of my buttcheeks 4 years ago, some parts of this rash/whatever it is had zits that I was able to pop, but also much larger and deeper zits that hurt terribly when I try to pop them, I think maybe some are cysts? I make sure to wash frequently and keep the area dry but as the years go by and the acne remains it seems permanent. Its not itch or bloody, no peeling or soreness, but it's reddish and some of the zits are purple. It's very embarrassing and I don't dare have a doctor look at it. I don't have herpes or hemmeroids or anything, I'm wondering what I could do to help remedy it?
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You could treat them with tea tree oil, but I've heard of this being food related, such as having Celiac disease and this is part of the reaction to wheat gluten, rye, etc.  
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Look up hidradenitis suppurativa, that's what it sounds like you have. I have it as well on my pubic area and underarms. There really is no cure, but there are things that help. Try using acne wash on the afflicted area, and breathable underwear. I would try to get an appointment with a gynocologist if possible, you could try anti biotics
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