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Itchy rash on arms stomach and breasts

I had a few small mosquito bite like red bumps on my inner forearms, wrists and back of my hands worse on my right arm.  They are terribly itchy, and are beginning to spread to my arm pits, stomach, breasts(cleavage), and my kneck and jaw.  I thought at first maybe it was just dry itchy skin.  I tried regular unscented dry skin remedy lotions like eucerine and aveeno.  It is not getting any better, and continues to spread.  I havent been using any new products or clothing fabrics and cannot think of anything new I may have been exposed to.  It is really making for a miserable experience being so itchy all the time.  The only thing that provides very short term relief is maximum strength benadryl cream, but once the cream is absorbed the relief disappears.  It has been over two weeks now and the rash is getting progressively worse, both the size and number of bumps as well as areas affected.  
If anyone has any similar experiences, possible diagnosis, or treatments I would be open to and very appreciative of any suggestions!!!
Thank you!!!!
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It sounds like poison ivy or something along those lines.  When the exposure is big, it can get into your blood stream and you will get breakouts for quite a while.  Also, if it is on your sheets, towel, the dog (seriously) you can exposure yourself that way over and over again.  

It sounds like you are very uncomfortable.  Your GP can take a look at it, diagnose it, and if it is a poison plant rash then usually steroids work well to break the cycle.  Once you start them, you will notice a difference the next day. So off to the doc you go to see what kind of rash it is.  
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