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Massive Raised & Bruised Under Skin Pimple..

The Picture Attatched shows my Right Cheek and Right side of my chin; Every Circle is another under the skin pimple the one I'm asking about is the Massive one though... I can put up with the others.. I'm wondering whether I should go to a Dermatologist or what? It hurts alot when not being touched and I feel like screaming when I do accidentally touch it.. so I don't think I could have it lanced or drained or injected ect.. It even hurts trying to put Benzol Peroxide on it;... The only way I could have something done to it or even have it "Checked out" by a doctor would be under anesthetic as It KILLS when even I just run my finger Over or touch an area around it; I am 16 years old and dad is starting to worry and thinks i may get a blood infection??

I have suffered from acne since I started Highschool in '08..
The past year or 2 I have been getting the occasional under the skin pimple..
Most go away but One Seems to want to stay and make my life hell..

It started off non raised, and had no colour at all but about 3 months ago it became raised; and Hurts without me touching it, I can feel it pulsating also Which is disgusting and very unattractive..
It Never has a head; And Enlarges the Pores everytime it gets darker in colouration >.<
It has recently been bruising alot; I Eat a great diet, I Exercise when I can yet this doesnt seem to be helping me at all;
I have tried EVERY Benzol Peroxide Cream/Gel/Spray/powder ect and NOTHING is working..

I am in agonizing pain when I'm sleeping and accidentally lay on my head on the right head side of my face;
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