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Mid 20's Acne

      Hello everyone, I hope you all are feeling well! I have a question of course! I always had really nice skin, it was one of the things I was always proud of. I took normal care of my face, meaning I washed with a mild cleanser two times a day and always wore sunscreen, you know the usuall stuff. All was well, infact my friends used to always joke about how they were envious because my skin was like rose petals and I never wore make up.
      Then I had my son at 23. After that I noticed that I started feeling what felt like little marbles under my skin on my jaw lines near my ears. They would eventually push their way up to the top of the dermis to become misquito bite sized bumps that felt lik fire at the slightest touch. I was stunned. I now have pimple and "zits" which is what I call the really big pimples, and then I also have those strange and EXTREMELY painful bumps on my jawline. It has bee very consistant since 23 and I am 28 now. I am becoming very self consious, but more importantly I am in pain and don't know what to do.
      I have tried Pro Active which I can't speak for everyone, but for me it didn't even make a bit of difference. I was so excited too. I even took my little "before" picture, I was , as I said unable to create an "after" picture. I have also tried countless over the counter meds including, Neutrogena, Clearasil, Clean and Clear, Sea Breeze, and many others. The only one that tames the beast even a little is one called Acne Free. Even that doesn't do much. I am at a loss and need help.
      I am aware that there are Doctors for this sort of thing, however I don't know the care I should take in picking one. I guess I am asking what to look for in a Dermitologist. I live in Maryland and I have a son with Autism, I am out of work right now due to the demand of his current condition, I am a single mother so I got state health coverage, this brings me to my second inquiry, will that type of insurance cover this type of vist. This may not be "life threatening" but it certainly does change how I live, and I am sure you all know how I feel.
      ANY help would be great, I am just starting to realise that there could be help and I just need to know where to start! Thank you ahead of time to anyone who answers! I also wish all of you well and hope that you all feel better soon!      
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