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My daughters acne is completely gone.

My daughter had horrible acne when she turned 18 and it was out of control. Her confidence went spiraling downward and did not even want to go out anymore. We went to the endocrine doctor and had all her hormone levels checked and that was in normal range. So I searched the Internet and she decided that she would do a sugar free gluten free diet. Similar to a candidiasis diet (not that she had candadiisis) after 3 months HER SKIN IS COMPLETLY CLEAR! A few dark spot redness on her cheek but that is fading with dark spot corrector. Just letting all you parents and kids know. It maybe your diet.   P.s. She is very disciplined with her diet which probably accts for her quick response. There are foods to eat but it's is hard with the typical America foods available. Stick to it it is worth it
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Hi and thanks for sharing. Studies indicate that certain dietary factors, including dairy products and carbohydrate-rich foods, such as bread, bagels and chips, which increase blood sugar, may trigger acne. Also, greasy food and chocolates have proved to have little to no effect on the development or course of acne. Regards.
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