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Need help and advice about Painful boils in butt

I am having problem with sore and painful boil near anus and it is a really huge trouble  for me to sit. There is throbbing and burning sensation in the affected area and so much painful. It has been a year i am having this problem. Once in every month i deal with this boil problem. Normally, it takes only 12 hours that this boil becomes painful and extremely sore. I was embarrassed to talk about it so i self handled this. Usually when i see its head i puncture it to drain the pus and the drain gives quite a relief. It feels there is no other solution except to puncture and drain. I searched on the internet and most of the information says not to puncture the boil.
I thought it would become okay but after a month the painful boil reappear at exact same spot. I do not know what to do now. I try to put as much less pressure on it as i can, but i want to know its solution. Can i lessen the pain or heal the boil by putting antiseptic solution on it?
I do not have genetical or some pimple history.
I do experience PMS (premenstrual syndrome), so sometimes i go through the problem of mild constipation, passing hard and big stools. I do not know if this is a contributing factor.
I feel embarrass discussing this with someone so i thought of finding someone here who is experiencing the same problem. If here is someone who has gone through this problem kindly suggest me what should i do to end this boil's episode.. I feel so helpless
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