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Nose Pores!

I've been to the dermatologist, I've taken medication for acne...nothing has worked.  I've tried every benzol perscription...doesn't work...
My problem is that my skin is ok, I have my issues....but the main problemm is that my nose is covered with large pores and if you squeeze the hole together, out pops a little "blackead" eventhough its not really BLACK.  Of course you have to be in a very magnifying mirror to see this, but it is visible to me and i can't stand it!
I've tried the nose strips and they do pull some of them out, but I want to get rid of them forever.  I can stand there and pop up 10 of theses easily with no problem.  But they come back.  The pores are noticeable...the rest of my face I can't see a pore at all...
Is there anyway to shrink these pores so that nothing will come back?
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well, by squeezing them you are enlarging them - do not squeeze or stretch. I need to know a few things: how old are you? ethnicity? male/female? oily skin? then I'll give you some suggestions. Most likely, a glycolic acid and a good astringent like Cliniuqe tone no,. 2-3 let me know.
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heyang is right you must not squeeze spots or blackheads as this will spread the bacteria and could cause scarring. Have this procedure done at a beauticians, or use a product that clears both whiteheads and blackheads such as Differin (available from your doctor or dermatologist). Be patient, most acne medications (topical or oral) take about three months to clear your skin.
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i'm 28, white, female, normal skin...not oily except if its humid - i have very sensitive skin, but the situation is targeted just on my nose...
right now i have a dr prescribed medicne that is a face wash with benzoyl in it along with a benzoyl cream.
i recently tried a facial scrub that seems to be working.  i got it from the wholesale salon (my friend is a hairdresser) so it is an expensive scrub used in spas.  It seems to be making the pores less noticeable.
can you reccommend something that would clear up and close these pores for good?  using an astringent seems to open them really large and makes them more noticable....plus it makes my skin really red
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Estee Lauder make a good cleanser, toner and scrub for combination skin which does not irritate sensitive skin. Whilst i cannot speak on behalf of the company, here in the UK they have a goodwill policy where they will exchange a product if it irritates your skin, if you take it back to the counter you bought it from with the receipt. They also make a product called 'Idealist pore minimising skin refinisher'.  Clinique also make a pore minimising range but i find this to be a little harsher so do a test patch if you have sensitive skin. x
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Anom12, if you look around the internet for information, you will find that there is no permanent way to 'get rid of pores'. So, your next step is to reduce the size, and to camoflauge them. To reduce the size you need to keep your skin clean (after you take off your makeup), so you will need to clean your face every night. The second step is camoflauge - to do this, you use a mattifying product (I know clinique makes one, not sure who else, a visit to Sephor.com or Ulta will show you who does), 1. apply a primer over the mattifier - I have recently discovered Smashbox primer, it is definitelyworth the money. You can get a test tube size for $15 in some ulta stores. 2. apply a good foundation that you like. 3. use a brush, and lightly apply a translucent powder. 4. use touch up oil-asbsorbing papers thuout the day.

Sound like a lot of work? Yep.

By the way, there are some laser therapies that can reduce the pore size - at a great costs, which I'm not willing to put the money out on yet. The key, keeping them clean, use a glycolic from time to time, and keeping them camoflauged.

Best wishes!
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i dont know what you call them - but the doctors with all those laser resurfacing skin machines.. (that cost tons of money) cant do anything about the pores? i have pores on my nose too, i just try not to get to crazy over them.. i use a scrub twice a week (helps so much and was recommended by a facialist ) and you can also use a pore minimizing clay mask. kiss my face has one(drugstore.com) i think once a week too. but if you go to a facialist he/she can tell you better. but pores are always there, i think they let the skin breathe and stuff. good luck
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