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Permanent blemish on lip? (Picture)

About Four years ago I got a spit on the top of my lip. It was a spot that took about a month to go away I'd say.. but the red blemish was there for atleast a few months after that. But then it went away. But this exact same place on my lip always seems to get a spot! Obviously that area has been damaged (don't know technical term).. So yet again I have this blemish on my lip and it seems to not be going away...

I'm just wondering if I have permanently caused damage to this area or whether it will fade away with cell regeneration over time? It doesn't look like a big deal in the picture but it is noticeable.. as you can maybe see in the low quality pic I put in aswell..

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Any lump or bump persisting for such a long time should be seen by a dermatologist. Any brown spot on lip line can be due to ultraviolet rays of sun which penetrate the skin. They can just be liver spots that develop with age. A clinical examination is essential and you should consult a dermatologist. If the spot is an age or sun spot it can be treated with laser therapy, which will correct the discoloration and irregularity of the tissue to diminish the spot's appearance. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause. Hope it helps.
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Sometimes it may cause due to vitamin deficiency or problem related to liver. It may need to be cure internally rather than applying any product on your lips. It may cause more damage than help. I suggest you to consult a doctor than experimenting with products available in the market. For Vitamins deficiency you eat a lot of fresh vegetable and fruits and go for some medical test to confirm whether you have any problem related to liver. A good doctor can guide you to select the tests. Hope you will be cured soon.  
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