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Pimple Problems

Hi. I am a fourteen year old girl and I am having pimple problems. I have lots of pimples and acne everywhere on my face and sometimes on my back. I get bullied a lot at school because of this. I asked my parents if they could get me the product that my friends suggested but they refused and told me to go all natural to be safe. They said that some products can make my situation even worse. I'm okay with the idea of going all natural. The problem is, I don't have a clue on what to make and how to do it. Please help me.
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Avoid yourself from eating too much oily foods and fried foods. Don't use facial wash that is commercially said to removes acne. There are some cases that acnes occur on teens because it runs on their family's genes. But in my case, it only occurs each time i have my monthly period. What I will do to in order to kept it from producing more acne is, I removed all the pus then wash it with antibacterial soap. It is very effective though it hurts a little but it never came back again as long as you removed all the pus and just make sure that your hands are clean and the stuff you use to remove the pus is sterilized. Just sharing, this is really not my idea of how to get rid the acne, I got it on a "healthy, safe and natural ways of medication" booklet.
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