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Pimples on corner of lip?

Are they just pimples, or possibly cold sores?

I had a small raised area just outside the corner/edge of my upper lip, almost the same color as my skin just slightly red.. got impatient, squeezed it, and a a small amount of whitish pus & whitehead came out. I think I irritated the area because it turned more red and grew in size a bit, and also another spot appeared on the same side, just below the lower lip. It started off very small with a white-yellow pus at the top and I was easily able to squeeze it, but the next day it was larger and more pus collected into a more yellowish head. Now, they're both hard and yellowish at the top - but the first one is kind of crusty/dry looking. There's some pain (if you can even call it that), but is mostly ignorable unless I smile/open my mouth to eat... I'm guessing from stretching the skin? No tingling sensation though.

My face tends to be pretty oily and my diet for the last couple of weeks hasn't been as good as it usually is. I also have a few very tiny pimples/clogged pores between my mouth & nose, so I'm hoping these two spots aren't cold sores and just look worse than normal because I messed with them. If they are pimples, can I put benzoyl peroxide or use AHA on these areas, or is it unsafe because of eating/drinking?

I've been tested before and all STDs/HSV1&2 came back negative too if that's relevant
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