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Please offer some suggestions for adult acne for otc or generic prescriptions

Hello... I am 30 years old and female.  I have had bad acne since I was a teenager.  The only thing that seem to help was birth control pills but the doctor took me off the bc pills due to high blood pressure and the acne has came back with a vengence.   The prescriptions meds are so expensvie I can't hardly afford then and they usually expire like in a month of getting them filled.  I use to use the Duac gel but I don't believe you can get that anymore.   I use a cleaning soap with 10% Benzoyl Peroxide as recomended by a dermatologist to me a few years ago.  I thought I would out grow the acne but I still have not.  They are big and red and mostly on my chin and jaw line or right around my mouth.  They also leave scars.  Could you please suggest some over the counter or some prescriptions that come in generic that I might could try?  I realize what works for one person may not work for me but I would love some advice from drs or fellow sufferers.  I am considering trying Proactive.  Have any of you had good results with that?  
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Stop drinking milk if you do.  Buy apple cider vinegar and dissolve 5 or 6 asprins. Into a paste and use as a mask for 10 minutes daily, apple cider vinegar use every night.
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    I'm 34, and when I was 14, I had acne so bad, it looked like I was wearing a shirt made of pimples. They started @ my waist and went all the way up to my neck, then under my hairline. Across my shoulders, down my arms to the point where a t-shirt sleeve would stop, and down my chest, to my breast-bone. My mother asked the dr. if I could get onto Acutane, but because I was going through puberty and they don't like prescribing it to anyone under 16, the dr. was VERY skeptical. My mother begged the dr. to at least look at me, and he did. He took two seconds to say I had some of the worst acne he had seen, and quickly put me on Acutane.
    Within the first couple weeks I noticed my breakouts were no way near as bad as usual, and within 2 months ALL my acne was gone. TOTALLY gone. I'm not sure how long I took it, (maybe 6 months),and it NEVER came back.
   For someone with acne, this is THE miracle drug. Yes, it's pricey, but to have clean skin was so worth it. It didn't take very long for the girls to start asking me out again. This medication took my insecurity away and let me become involved in life again.
   I don't know anyone who this medication didn't work for. I also don't know how much $ it is either. I was put on it 20 years ago. All I do know is if you have bad acne, those OTC meds, pads, etc., don't do a thing for someone like this. I'm not sure if you had to take the birth control pill all the time, but w/Acutane, it's for a limited period of time.
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The same goes for , I also had lots of pimples, sometimes I didn't even want to leave the house. I have had acne all my life, I am 33 yrs old. For the past 32 years, I tried everything from over the counter to prescriptions, nothing worked. I am fair skin, have oily skin. I believe I have found something that worked. For the past year I have been 95% acne free here is my story.  I now use these over the counter products, Apple cider vinegar as a daily face wash, I dissolve about 5 aspirins as a paste and use it as a mask for ten minutes daily. I also stopped drinking milk, milk produces hormones that can cause acne. I bought this product that's is called "tanda" its a blue light therapy, it works by eliminating bacteria on your face. I believe milk was my biggest cause. Also if your a male and you shave , instead of shaving use a beard trimmer to get a close shave, that way you will not get the irritation from a straight razor. I hope this helps.
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