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I gave birth to my son 8 months ago. Towards the end of pregnancy my skin started to break out. It has progressively gotten worse until now. My skin is terrible and constantly broken out, especially my chin and forehead. My forehead is horrible. I look worse than I did in high school! The pimples are different now too; they seem to be deeper and I cant quite pop them but they get huge. They are also red forever after I try to pop them. Some of them look like a purple red color. I have been trying different face washes but nothing seems to help. What should I do?
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Hi Sarah.
Acne is caused by high androgen levels. Androgen levels are commonly raised during times of hormonal change including puberty and after delivery of a baby.
Face washes alone will not heal acne. Your doctor can prescribe a course of oral antibiotics such as Oxytetracycline 250mg twice daily and a topical retinoid cream called Differin (adapalene).
Female acne patients may also benefit from taking an anti-androgen contraceptive pill like Yasmin or Diane35. These block the actions of androgens on the skin.
Do not pop acne spots. This spreads bacteria under the skin leading to more spots, delayed healing time, secondary infection and- if done repeatedly- scarring.
Best Wishes, Eloise.
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Thank you so much for the answer. I will go the dermatologist then and see if I can get a prescription for some antibiotics!
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