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Question about blackheads

I recently started using an acne medication specifically for blackheads. I kind of think it might be working, but I was wondering how long it could take to clear up my face. I use it once to twice a day along with non-comedogenic moisturizer. There isn't much progress, but there is one small area I noticed where the blackheads have disappeared and the skin is clear. Could it be up to a month or should I see results more quickly? Also I wanted to ask how much impact does stress have on the skin and how much could stress have to do with my blackheads? I have pretty bad stress, sometimes I have bad muscle pain because of it.
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Hi. We would expect to see a clinical improvement from a topical preparation such as Differin (is this what you were prescribed?) after 4-8 weeks, and further improvement with continued use. Products which claim to work immediately or within days are misleading. Whilst an individual pimple may dry up within days of using a particular product, the patient's tendancy towards acne will not have been cured.
Acne spots and blackheads occur when androgens (male hormones found in male and female bodies) stimulate the sebaceous glands. Bacteria on the skin feeds off this excess sebum (oil) blocking the pores and leading to spots and blackheads. There is a lack of medical evidence that diet, stress etc has a major impact on this process. Some poeple have higher levels of androgens than others, and some people with normal androgen levels are particularly sensitive to their effects.
Androgen levels are particularly high in teenagers and young adults, which is why the majority of people outgrow their acne. You may need repeat courses of medication for as long as your tendancy towards acne persists.
Best Wishes, Eloise.
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Well, I'm using something I picked up off the shelf at a store. It's called clean & clear blackhead clearing scrub. I've been using it for about a week so I guess I'll keep trying and see if it gets better. What is a good way to control the sebum production or bacteria? Or a way to help my skin besides just my acne medication and moisturizer?
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My son started Claravis because of blackheads.  Didn't really have acne only blackheads.  They are very stubborn and he tried all kinds of topical prescriptions from the dermatologist,  when they finally suggested Claravis (accutane).  It has been a long road but blackheads are gone with just a few cystic acne bumps.  This is a harsh drug to take but seems to be the only thing that dries up and shrinks your pores.  The only way to get ride of blackheads is for them to come out, and this drug will slowly dry and push them out.  It is month 7 and he will probably go to month 9.  So be prepared for the length of the treatment and side effects.  His is back ache.
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