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Red dots on nose

After picking a couple small blackheads on my nose, the spots are bright red and have been that way for years. They aren't spider veins, yet I'm sure they are broken capillaries. I've had two treatments from a laser center and they went away for a bit. However, they said my blemishes may return. I do drink, however, my question is, what can I do to make them disappear ? Or is it possible ?
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A clinical examination is necessary for correct diagnosis and management of your condition. This may be a case of postinflammatory pigmentation. In this case, it may take weeks to months before this reverts to normal skin color. You may start using a sunscreen to protect the face. Use an SPF of at least 30. Also, use vitamin E cream at night to  smoothen the affected areas and also to help lighten the skin. Do not scratch or pick on the areas as this may only cause further irritation. Other possibility is that this could be Rosacea .It is a very common facial skin disorder that usually presents with red or pink patches, visible broken blood vessels, and small red bumps which are characteristically involves the central region of the face like the forehead, the chin and the lower half of the nose. It is  best to see your doctor for further evaluation of these dots. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause. Hope it helps.
Good luck and regards!
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Thank you for your time, and timely manner response !
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