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Red patches of skin-Breasts


I have been diagnosed with very mild psoriasis and have very little outbreaks. I've noticed that I have many red patches between my breasts that I first thought was just a psoriasis outbreak but now I think it might be something else. It seems to flare up more when I work out and sweat but doesn't go away when it's been days and I haven't been sweating. They really aren't patchy and flaky like psoriasis looks, they're more of just red spots scattered around between my breasts. Any suggestion in how I can alleviate this is much appreciated.
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Psoriasis can look like that.  Have you tried Psoriaflora cream?  

If your skin is oily at all, you may be able to use Bragg's apple cider vinegar.  It may cause itching due to the acidity, but you can dilute it with water and dab it on the spots.  After it dries use Psoriaflora cream.  I also have luck using vitamin C facial cleanser or facial moisturizer with vitamin C.  Not sure why that works.  Also get out in the sun without sun screen for 30 minutes or whatever your skin can take without being too much.  
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