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Retinoids suck for me...

They gave me super super oily skin.  I started using retinoids when I was 14 years old and my skin was normal except for acne, and now I"m 19 and I stopped using them.  My skin was oily all through my time using the retinoids but now that I'm off them my skin is still freakin oily.   I've been off the retinoids for almost three months now.   It doesn't make any sense to me at all.  Their is not a dern thing the dermatologist can do about super oily skin.  Anybody ever had this problem???  And will my skin ever go back to normal????
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Hi. Topical retinoids like Differin can feel greasy when applied to the skin so are best applied before bed. Oral retinoids (isotretinoin/accutane/roaccutane) shrink the oil glands in your skin and often cause very dry skin and peeling. What type and brand of retinoid did you use?
Estee Lauder make the best cleanser for oily skin i have found. You can use it regularly without any irritation. They also make a matifying toner and oil-control hydrator. These products are in green bottles and available in department stores or online.
Have you tried oral antibiotics? Oxytetracycline or Lymecycline are probably more effective than erythromycin. There are also non-retinoid topical lotions, Duac gel might be good for you it is a combination of clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide.
Advances in laser treatments have been good recently and can be used to remove the bacteria from skin, and shrink oil glands. Ask for a consultation at a reputable clinic.
Loiloi xx
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I know all about acne products.  I've used tazorac gel and cream for about 4 years and then I used Differin gel for about 2.  I was on Clindamycin lotion before and I've used Keflex pills, Doxycyline pills and erythromycin gel before.  I guess those products have dried my face out so much that my body overcompensated for them and made me produce more oil.  

Another thing is, is that those oil controlling products don't last for long.  They usually last about 20 minutes.  I'm pretty sure I have a condition called Sebborhea.  Accutane seems to be the only effective treatment of Sebborhea but I don't want to go on that because I heard that accutane can lead to a long remission but the problems end up coming back eventually and that it can actually lead to prolonging bad skin(oily skin or acne) in the long run.  

  I hope my face turns back to normal.  Under Flourescent light my face is like a reflection.  Greasiness isn't cool.

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One course of accutane results in long-term remission for about 80% of patients. 20% of patients have to take a second or third course. I have taken accutane twice if you want to talk about it. Loiloi xx
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I was given a ton of sample creams from my new derm.  They include Tazorac, Differin and Retin A.  I find that the Tazorac, especially, leaves my skin feeling really greasy and shiny looking.  Plus I don't think it does anything - maybe even makes my skin worse.

The one that SEEMS to help the most (although I would say it's mostly doing nothing) is the Differin.  At least it goes on without making my face feel and look waxy or shiny.

Exactly what are topical retinoids supposed to achieve?  They don't do a whole lot for me, but what is their purpose?
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Topical retinoids help the skin to turn itself over more quickly. They exfoliate the skin as people who suffer from acne have clogged skin.
Oral retinoids are more effective in achieving long term remission from acne and you should have clear skin after about 12-16 weeks of accutane. Good luck with your treatment and get in touch with any observations or concerns. Loiloi xx
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