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Rosacea & Acne


I have a lot of questions about rosacea, I really hope your can answer me and maybe help me!

I was 15 year old, I began having skin problem, like acne and really
oily skin, but only on my nose and forehead. In panic I was using the
wrong make-up trying to cover up my skin...and it get worse.

day since 15 I always have at least two pimple on my nose, and even
when my nose is clear, it's always red, a lot red, this summer it get
the worse, I have to wake-up early to wash my face. I never go out
without make-up. What I fear the most is the mirror and when people
take picture of me. I try never look at my face when I'm in front of a
mirror, or when I wash my face, I make sure the light is off. I put a
lot of blush on my cheek trying to match the redness on my nose.

try pretty everything on the market. Now I'm trying natural cleanser,
toner, gel, moisturizer, cost my a fortune. I'm really depress, I don't
want to go outside, I don't want my friend and parent to see me like
this, I'm off from work for 4 month... I am too emotional to go to

I think all the time about that, I don't want to do
sport because I know my skin will get more red, I don't want to drink
alchool, I don't want to go on sleepover etc...you know the feeling.

I'm a girl and I'm 21 year old, and my dream is not to be rich or the most
beautiful women on the planet, it's having a clear skin, not perfect,
but better.

Please, can you help me? I really hope so...
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Thanks a lot, this week I read a lot about benzole peroxide, and it turn out I didn't use it the right way, so I stop the toner and moisturizer, I just wash my face like usual, after I put the benzole, wait 15 min and put my make up on. Let see how it goes. And me too I take anti-depressants. And this week I will try a acne diet, with Omega 3 supplement, Zinc and Vitamin D. I hope that will improve god!

I already try Diane 35, that didn't work for me...I will talk to my doctor about Yasmine
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Skip the moisturizer if your skin is oily. Moisturizing is not an essential part of care for acneic skin.
Ask your doctor for a special contraceptive pill which blocks the effects of androgens (male hormones which cause acne). Dianette (Diane35) or Yasmin are the best brands for this.
Also ask your doctor about Differin gel (adapalene 0.1%). You should not use toner as well as this product as it will dry your skin.
There are some good camoflague make-ups; I like Toleriane by La roche-Posay, Dermablend by Vichy and Estee Lauder's Full Coverage Camoflague make-up.
It would be unusual to have rosacea at your age, the redness may be caused by acne or you may have seborrheic dermatitis. Medicines which control sebum (such as Dianette or Yasmin) will clear this. If you do have rosacea your doctor can prescribe an oral antibiotic called Oxytetracycline -this will heal acne too.
By following a good regime as detailed above, we would expect to see excellent or total skin clearance.
I totally understand how you feel - I had to take anti-depressants called Venlafaxine because of my skin. I have finished taking them now but the feelings of low self-worth have not returned.
Best Wishes, Eloise.
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