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Sebaceous cyst/inflammation

I had/have a huge cyst on my chin. It was just one and it was about the size of a quarter. The areas to the left and right of it were starting to get puffy and I dont know if there are more cysts around the one that I have or if it is just inflamed. The cyst that was there first is hard and I can move it a little under my skin. Pus and blood and oil has been coming out because I got 2 cortisone shots into my cyst and it went down a lot but is still there and still hard but it just looks like a big pimple. I have been doing heat compressions and gently squeezing everything out. The areas around my cyst have stayed about the same and one of my cheeks is bigger than the other (but not severely bigger). I am also getting my wisdom teeth out in a week and I dont know if maybe my wisdom teeth are bothering that area and making it swell up, but I have never heard of something happening like that before except my orthepedic said that my wisdom teeth are very close to a nerve and if they hit that nerve, my face will be numb for the rest of my life. I dont think that my wisdom teeth hit the nerve because my cyst hurts and if it was numb I wouldnt be able to feel it. Also, I cannot smile. When I smile only half of my top teeth show. There is no possible way for me to smile, my mouth just wont allow it. I am visiting a dermatologist tomorrow and my orthepedic if the swelling/cyst aren’t gone. Also, the dermatologist I went to yesterday to get my cortisone shots told me my cyst would be completely gone in 1-2 days but I don’t feel like it will be gone tomorrow. Please tell me what you think and tell me if you think that my face could be possible swollen from the cyst or wisdom teeth! Thank you so much for taking your time for me. I am a 17 year old girl.
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Hi, the swelling is most likely to be due to the infected cyst. If wisdom teeth are causing your symptoms, you should have other problems like painful swallowing or chewing. Cystic acne lesions sometime require both drainage and injection with cortisone. Within one or two days of injection into a cyst, the steroid will shrink the inflammation producing relief of pain and almost immediate cosmetic results. If your symptoms are not improving, you will need to consult your doctor, as there could be persisting infection, for which you may need oral antibiotics also. Regards.
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