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Skin irritation

Hi everyone,

I am 20 years old and I recently purchased "Clean Start" skin products. My facial skin was beautiful but a little oily, and since I started to use these products a week ago, I hgot two pimples one in my cheek and one in my chin that hurt, are are red, my whole face especially from the eyes down is veryyy dry and no moisturizer helps so far, i have a few red paches, one next to my nose under my eye and then some parts of my cheeks get very itchy and then red. My nostrils and sides or mouth are more dry than the rest of the face and the skin is cracked. My face looks horrible right now, and I am panicking! I had the most beautiful skin and now it's terrible, dry and red and it hurts! These products were too harsh on my skin, I will discontinue using them, but please tell me what do i do now!!! These pimples won't go away and my skin is so dry itchy and red!
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Please someone give me some advice...I'm freaking out!
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Well, its obvious that your skin is truly sensitive.  Before you throw out the "Clean Start" skin products, make a note of its main ingredients and steer clear of those ingredients in the future.  

For starters, seek products that aren't based with any alcohol or acids.  If your skin was beautiful, you don't need these.  Can you return to your prior regimen?

Cetaphil makes the most mild facial cream cleanser.  Neutrogena makes a no-alcohol toner, but The Body Shop has a Vitamin E Toner and an Aloe Vera Toner that work well without drying.  Find a light, non-oily moisturizer (like Boots or Olay) for the day and a night cream (like Boots bergamot night cream or The Body Shop Aloe night cream).  All of these products are under $15 ea.  If you want a unique product line where you can pronounce everything in the ingredient list, Nancy Boy in San Francisco has amazing skin products for slightly pricier, but good value.

Your skin's pH levels need to readjust after using those prior products.  Be patient and don't pick, it'll get better within the month.
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