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Sudden breakout all over my body

Hey guys. I hope I'm posting this thread right, I just signed up to ask this question so I don't really know the ropes around here.
I've always had some smaller pimples on my face and shoulders but nothing major enough to even bother me. I have a really hard time not picking and squeezing which is the main root to why I even have the acne in the first place I suspect, but I just can't stop doing it.
Anyway, about two weeks ago or so my skin pretty much all over my face and body got SO bad (I'm not on my period or about to have it and I've never had any major acne breakouts from that before). My face is breaking out really bad with pretty large painful pimples along with these really really small ones, and a lot of blackheads. Also my chest, shoulders, neck, upper and lower back is breaking out. My skin all over just seems to be really impure I guess? Like every pore in my body is filled with filth. The skin on my face seems to be textbook combination skin with dry sides and oily T-zone. I've never had this evaluated by a professional. though.
Do you guys know what normally causes these random breakouts? And what products I should use? And what I figured at first that it was related to sweat since the weather just got hot here in Sweden, but I'm pretty sure the breakouts started before that. I've not made any major lifestyle changes in diet or anything like that, or started using any new products.
Thank you :)
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How are you? I understand your concern regarding these breakouts. This is actually a common skin disease that form when hair follicles under the skin clog up with cells, sweat, dirt and bacteria.  Wear cotton clothes and keep your skin moisturized. The cause is not actually clear but hormone changes may be a factor. Try to avoid scratching or touching your skin, clean your skin gently, avoid the sun and prescription medications may help. Take care and do keep us posted.
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I think this helped me also. I have been breaking out in little pimples on my back and they itch.
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