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Treating acne

My daughetr is 16. She has had acne for 15 days. Given my bad experinece with cane when I was young, I want her to treat her acne at earliest. She has oily prone to seboreic skin. She's been using SEBAmed (soap, cleanser and a propolis cream on a natural basis). How to alleviate the problem of their re-appearing and how to reduce red little circles after the acne have been dried and calmed down! Thanks in advance!!!
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I agree, acne can be devastating and should be treated early to prevent physical and psychological scarring. Fortunately there are lots of treatment options. Over the counter preparations may be of limited use and she should see her doctor. The doctor can prescribe a suitable topical gel such as Differin or Duac. A course of oral antibiotics such as Oxytetracycline may also be indicated.
Female acne patients will benefit from taking an anti-androgen or combined oral contraceptive pill such as Diane35 (called Dianette in the UK) or Ortho Tri-cyclen (called Cilest in the UK). It doesn't matter if she is not sexually active, doctors commonly prescribe the pill to treat acne as well as for contraception. This is because androgens (male hormones found in both male and female bodies) are responsible for stimulating the sebaceous glands and the hairs which grow from them.
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There are several treatment options available for acne - topical application creams, oral medications, laser treatment etc.

It would be best to consult your dermatologist to decide about the best treatment option in your case.

Comedonal (non-inflammatory) acne: local treatment with azelaic acid, salicylic acid, topical retinoids, benzoyl peroxide.

Mild papulo-pustular (inflammatory) acne: benzoyl peroxide or topical retinoids, topical antibiotics (such as erythromycin).

Moderate inflammatory acne: benzoyl peroxide or topical retinoids combined with oral antibiotics (tetracyclines). Isotretinoin is an option.

Severe inflammatory acne, nodular acne, acne resistant to the above treatments: isotretinoin also known as Accutane, can be prescribed by a doctor, or contraceptive pills with cyproterone for females with virilization or drospirenone.

Scars due to acne are not uncommon. Treatments vary from melanin blocking agents combined with topical medications such as Retin A which causes the body to exfoliate the skin to rid the body of the hyperpigmentation while prohibiting new melanin production to laser treatments.  

Hydroquinone usually reduces or removes hyperpigmentations very effectively. It is a bleaching agent. Also always use sunscreen/sunblock as dark areas on exposure to sunlight turn darker still.

Wearing sunscreen and avoiding the use of abrasive cleansers and cosmetics for the face may help. Get enough sleep and eat a balanced diet everyday.

Let us know about how you are doing and what your doctor advises.

Post us if you need any further information.

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