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Treatments for Breakouts

I'm a 18 yr old male and  dont have acne but have regular breakouts i.e. One week of clean/reasonable skin and another 2-3 weeks of breakouts. I get pimples mainly on my cheeks and chin/below lips, my forehead is clean 90% of the time apart from the odd one now and then. Its very frustrating because my diet is reasonably healthy, I drink plenty of water and clean my face with a regular face wash twice a day along with other topical treatments, yet I always seem to get breakouts and have no idea what causes it. My skin can be clear for as long as a week ( barely any spots) and in a matter of days breaks out in the areas outlined above. And they always seem to pop up after one another, I never get one pimple by itself, they're always in groups.

Does anyone have any advice on how to treat this? Like I said its not severe but enough to frustrate the hell out of me especially when I dont know what causes it. Could it be particular types of foods, drinks or simply my skin type?

Any form of help will be greatly appreciated :)

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Just to add to that have you found any particular foods cause breakouts ? Things like breads or pastas, dairy products or meat ? Apart from oily foods and take away of course.
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Thanks for your input :)
My current regime is simple. I wash with a Nivea Cleanser twice a day, which dries out my cheeks and chin a little but I then use moisturizer cream straight after. Is this the type of moisturizing you were talking about or are there higher end products which work better? Also should I be using a damp, warm cloth instead of my hands to wash?

If I have no spots on my face that's my regime, but most of the time I do so I apply a topical spot clearer on any pimples which can be 'burnt' off and the big ones I just leave and pop when ready. I've also been using aloe Vera gel on any wounds as it speeds up the healing process quite well.

Recently I've been taking SkinB5 tablets ( vitamin b5) in order to clear my face but I'm not sure if they work. Ive been taking them on/off for the past 6 months and the results vary as I have achieved clear skin with and without them so I am quite confused.

As I said my skin varies from week to week and there are no guarantees. My daily regime has been the same for a year and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Any ideas on how I can improve it while still keeping it simple?

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I have the exact same problem!  The last few months I have really been researching about this.  I think its a combination of what you're putting on your face, what you're putting in your mouth, genetics and overall everyday stresses.  I have been doing the following which seems to be working.  My only problem is keeping my hands off my face throughout the day!

Check out my regimen and apply any ideas you haven't already tried!

- Yonka Products (plant enriched and essential oils that your skin strives on... a bit pricey though)

- NO SCRUBBING (I know, i thought the same thing. "But I need to scrub"  Nope! If you feel you need to exfoliate use a damp, warm fluffy wash cloth to wipe off your cleanser. You will notice a difference opposed to just rinsing off with your hands. Yonka has a great line for men too with amazing masks)

- Always moisturize (Drying out your skin can cause more pimples)

-Treat your face like gold.  The skin on your face is delicate and you live with it till the end so no squeezing or harsh chemicals.

- Wash in the morning and evening.  That's it!  Don't over wash.  If you feel your face is dirty in between washes, use a moist cleasing cloth (You can find at Walmart) with soothing extracts.  I use Oil of Olay.  No water!

- Constantly wash your hands.  Acne is developed by clogged pores, when you touch your face you are rubbing oils onto your face from your hands and whatever dirt was on them.

- Hair out of face.  If you touch your hair, wash your hands.  Hair is very oily!

- Eat a lot of dark green leafy vegetables.  Contains a lot of Vit A and zinc which help your complexion.

- GREEN TEA!  Loaded with antioxidants!!  Drink a couple glasses a day!

- Give yourself a mask once a week.  I usually do it Sundays... Start my week off right.

- Balanced Diet!  Stay away from Dairy Products.

-Take a magnesium and Beta-Carotene supplements.  Contains nutrients for healthy skin.  You can find at any Whole Foods Store.

Hope this helps :)
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