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Turmeric cured my acne.... yay!

Hi I've never posted here, and I'm glad that I don't have to. The reason: Turmeric.

I initially tried Turmeric (a spice primarily used in indian food) to get rid of some cysts on my inner leg. It worked to cure those cysts virtually overnight, so I kept taking it to make sure they didn't come back.

Then about two weeks after I started the daily Turmeric capsules I noticed the acne on my face, chest and back had disappeared. This was over 5 months ago, and my face is clearer than it's ever been in my life.

Previous treatments for acne included:

Monthly chemical peels at the dermatologist
Every type of topical cream, ointment, lotion, astringent, tonic known to mankind
THREE courses of Acutane (boo acutane!)
Bi-Monthly facials
Benzoil Peroxide
That stuff that Jessica S**mpson is pushing (can't remember name...that's how well it worked)
Going on birth control pills
More topical medicines
More Prayer
Squeezing and popping, steaming my face twice a week
Every facial wash on the market
Erythromycin topical treatment

And I'm sure I am forgetting some.

Bottom line is: Everyone I've talked to said that it either cured their acne, or gave them a substantial improvement in their acne. I found out about it as a treatment for cysts on a alternative medicine board. Most people (around 95% reported their cysts gone, and a lot of people said it cured their acne, too). I never believed in herbal cures...thought it was a bunch of bull. I am very scientifically minded so it is a miracle I even tried turmeric. It has been nothing short of a miracle for me so I thought I'd share the love and hopefully help a lot of people suffering from acne get some relief. Go to an ethnic store and buy yourself a cheap bag of turmeric (make sure it's pure turmeric...no other spices in it), mix a tablespoon with water and gulp away. One glass a day. OR, do what I do because I hate the taste: Go the a health food store and buy the capsules (a little more expensive, but worth it to me). I started with two capsules in the morning and two at night for a week. Then cut back to two a day. Be sure and drink two extra glasses of water a day, as this stuff kinda dehydrates you at first. Also, turmeric acts as a blood purifier and blood THINNER, so if you have any blood diseases or are getting ready to undergo surgery I would stay away until your doc says it's ok to take it.

Another awesome thing turmeric did for me: No more nightmares. Strange, I know, but for what ever reason, I don't have them anymore. My memory has also improved. Go figure.

Btw I am 42 years old, female, pre menopause. I'd had acne since I was 12 until 5 months ago. I still put benzomycin gel on my face three times a week at night to keep the oilies away, but the acne is GONE!! :) yay!!!!

Good luck kiddies!!! :)
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Excellent tip on the tumeric! Here are some other easy guidelines and tricks! Pimples Does Not Have To Ruin You Life. Adhere to These Tips To Remove Break-Outs for Good!

Having acne on oneself is not always a choice but they can select to do something about the problem. With the right details and commitment one can be free from acne. Now that you are studying this content you are on your way to knowing what you need to know.

It is typical for those with acne issues to pop their whiteheads. If you feel like you definitely must pop a pimple, you should first detoxify your hands and nails extremely well. This stops damaging your sking even more with dust and viruses. Pop sensibly and you should see a decrease in the degree of your acne in no time.

Add some chromium to your everyday routine to battle pimples. The addition of this mineral allows the epidermis to heal by assisting it to fix itself more easily. It's an excellent increase of the right type of nutrients that can help your epidermis battle off acne much faster, since that is usually what causes acne.Taking this once a day can help keep your epidermis very nice and clear looking and prevent breakouts from happening later on.

Despite being a well-known strategy to deal with acne, you should not be washing your skin or try to be dealing with your breakouts with isopropyl. It is an extremely severe cleaner for the already impacted epidermis. It gets dry the epidermis out, which causes it to overproduce organic oils to keep it hydrated. This then causes the breakouts or it worsens the already current breakouts.

If you have a little acne, spot therapy can sometimes be the best choice. Dealing with pimples allows you to only place to severe substances on one pimple, rather than your whole face. There are many therapies available, both over the counter and through a Skin specialist.

To eliminate or prevent acne, the vital thing you should consider is what your epidermis comes into getting in touch with with. Healthy epidermis maintenance systems, sun block, cleansers, areas and even some meals all have factors in them that can cause breakouts. Evaluate your environment and look at appearance or analysis online anything you come into continuous touch with, especially the areas of your whole body where acne tends to be on your skin.

Pre menstruation signs can become a forerunner to a pimple headache. Relieve PMS by getting such nutritional items as St. John's Wort or krill oil. These items have been technically confirmed and examined to relieve such signs. Reduced PMS will decrease the variety of prospective imperfections that will happen.

If you have acne, one of the best factors that you can do is to keep from considering your scenario during the course of the day and evening. Constant pressure results in an overproduction of oil, which can harm your possibilities of dealing with your problem as well as a obvious experience.

If you have strong, cystic acne, you may find that over-the-counter medicines are not very beneficial. A dermatologist may recommend Accutane for these types of situations. Accutane is a highly effective drug that is taken as a tablet, and usually is not recommended. If your physician seems to think this is the right strategy for you, be sure to take it exactly as recommended, and always review any adverse reactions to your physician.

With the right details that you have just discovered you now have the capabilities to clear your whole body of acne. This details basically needs to be followed up with an appropriate quantity of commitment to following what they have discovered. Pimples is a curable scenario that one does not have to stay with.
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My face became worse and I've been using turmeric, honey, lemon and coconut oil for the past few days morning and night.. What is the reason and what can I do? is the reason and what can I do?
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This is awesome and encouraging! Thank you for your post.
I have been dealing with acne for the past 8 years and can totally relate with all the chemical (oral/topical) remedies for acne. I finally wanted to find a natural, long-lasting cure. I switched to a vegan diet 5 months ago, have now introduced a raw diet in order to treat my acne from within. I read about many natural treatments like apple cider vinegar, baking soda masks, clay, and stumbled across honey+turmeric masks and moisturising with oil (I use jojoba oil). Coming off Accutane and introducing the vegan lifestyle flared my skin up very badly (I read about this being a healing crisis) and after reaching a peak it gradually calmed down, with less and less breakouts. I really hope ingesting turmeric now will speed up the process!
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I completely agree with lilyput!  My experience is very similar, though I only used prescription antibiotics and "anti-acne" face creams previously.
Turmeric tea is the only thing that has worked on the baseline level of acne left after the antibiotics controlled the worst of it.
1tsp organic turmeric, 1 tsp organic ginger, add to pan of boiling water, simmer very gently for 5-10 mins, add a squeeze of lemon/honey if you like, drink  throughout the day - i put mine in a thermos in the morning to keep it warm.
More people should know about this EFFECTIVE, healthy, economical, environmentally sound remedy for acne.  In my case it is the only thing that has worked in a preventive way.
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Turmeric is a great skin beautifier and it controls acne. Most Americans rely on medicines and never seem to get the results they are promised or looking for. take a look around, how many Indian women, Turkish women, Pakistanian women and so forth with awful skin that is saturated in makeup? Ummm hardly any. natural remedies arent for everyone, but obviously they work because yeas ago there was not a face cream, or dove soap. Hvae anyone ever thought the chemicals in the soaps is what aggravates ones skin. No they only read the box and think its all true. from the Nubian Beauty!!!
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way late, but just read this.
if you are taking accutane i would not recommend you trying anything else unless you check with your dermatologist first.
that drug is so potent, i'm sure you have read that it makes you super sensitive to vitamin a, who knows what other side effects it can cause?
in fact i would recommend not taking accutane. it is the worst drug ever. i took it, and i regret it.
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I just get turmeric from the indian shop and it really cheap.  I mix it with water and yeh it really yucky, but my acne has reduced heaps and it doesn't seam to be coming back.  i put two teaspoons of turmeric with about a cup of water.  Turmeric is so good especially when ingested, because it is helping to detox the liver.  The liver needs to be detoxed so it can help balance the hormones levels in the body.  If the liver isn't working properly, fats can not be metabolised properly, as a result fat needs to seep into the skin pores, rather then going into the blood stream.
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I can sympathise, Accutane was nothing but a pain! I stuck it out but my god it tests your patience. Plus you need to carry a pot of vaseline 24/7!

hope the tumeric works but if not its worth looking into the natural therapies at www.acnefreerelief.com

Cheers and good luck
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You can go to any indian grocery store and pick up a cream called vicco tumeric cream. I put it twice a day. I feel like i have noticed a huge difference. Less acne and the black acne scars have faded almost completely. I love it. I also wash my face with a indian soap called neem soap before i put the vicco tumeric cream. Neem is an herb that has antiseptic qualities. Excellent!
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hey thanks for puting this up , ihave been taking accutane afor more then a month and the breakout is frustating , and after reading ure post i was thinking of using turmeric , dou think i could use it while im on accutane??? i cant get the pills around my place but ill get cheap turmeric from indian stores here !!
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Thank you for sharing!  I've tried everything under the sun too and nothing has worked!  I'd like to try tumeric pills now.  Can you give some advice on which pills are best?  There are a lot out there, which brand do you use?  And at which shop/website did you buy it?  Lastly, someone else mentioned that they thought it turned their skin more yellow.  Did that happen with you?  

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I'm so glad to hear your acne has healed. I have never heard of this remedy. I would not advise applying tumeric to the face as rammi suggests as this could be irritating to skin. Anyone considering herbal remedies should check with their doctor first, and ensure the herbal remedy is not contra-indicated with any other medications.
Loiloi xx
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yes you r right. turmric is fantastic home remedy. well we use it a lot in our indian cooking. even you can apply it on your face as a facepack also. it gives glow to the skin. it is an ayurvedic remedy.
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