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Unhappy Skin Prevails


I am twenty years old and until a year ago I have always had perfect and healthy -- if very sensitive -- skin. I went on a progesterone birth control because I cannot be prescribed the usual progesterone-estrogen birth control due to an elevated risk of having a stroke -- which is somehow linked to having serious migraines.

Anyway, it was after taking this pill that my skin began to freak out. Many little bumps began to surface as well as larger pimples that would be an angry red. I have tried many different skin care options including a retin-a cream prescribed by my doctor. It was possibly the worst thing I have tried for my skin so far.

I have finally gotten the majority of the break outs under control -- minus the usual ones that pop up around the time of my menstrual cycle. However, the hyperpigmentation left behind from the pimple takes a very long time to heal -- sometimes upwards of six months. I am also very fair and have gotten to a point where I am afraid to wear makeup to hide the imperfections because I don't want another breakout. So they are very noticeable and it is really wearing on my confidence.

Most recently I have a small red spot adjacent to my lips on the left side of my face. It doesn't look like rosacea but I'm wondering if it could be an allergic reaction to one of my beauty products? Or a patch of dry skin?

I am a very healthy person, eating right and working out regularly. I also drink tons of water and generally get 6-8 hours of sleep every night.

I use a mostly all-natural beauty routine using beauty products I got from LUSH. My cleanser is a honey, almond oil and beeswax blend that you massage into your skin and wipe off with a damp cotton pad. I then generally put on a clay mask from LUSH. I was told they are safe to use everyday because there are only fresh ingredients and no active ingredients, acids or chemicals. Generally they have ingredients like seaweed or blueberries in them which soothes my skin. Rinsing off the mask also helps get any excess off leftover from my cleanser. After that I spray on a toner made with rosewater. It calms redness in my skin and is acid free. I don't put soap on my face so I don't use an acid based toner either. Lastly I put on a moisturizer and eye cream. The moisturizer has cocoa butter and chickweed in it. It also smells like orange creamcicles. At the time I thought this was yummy but I am worried it might be making my skin react? I've been using this routine for a week and I had no problems until recently.  

Can anyone help me? What can I do to reduce redness and increase the healing speed of my hyperpigmentation? How else can I control my breakouts? And does anyone have some ideas as to what the red patch on my skin could be?

Please let me know, and thank you for reading this! I will visit a doctor too but I'm just curious.

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