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Washing Your Face

I understand that you should only wash your fash twice a day. I wash my face three times each day; once in the morning, once after school, and once before bed. My skin is kind of dry sometimes, but during school, when I'm out, my skin gets a little oily. I feel like I'm washing my face too much, but I need to wash if right after school, because my skin feels very dirty. What should I do?
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Hey there,

I use to have this problem to when I was in school. Your body is producing even more oils to counter how dry your skin is. Because your probably seeing good results from cleaning 3 times a day, I would recommend applying a form of natural oil to your skin so that your body doesn't feel it needs to.

I recommend Castor Oil. Its incredibly great for treating dry skin and wont make you break out.

At night, after cleaning your face, dampen your face, then applying the castor oil to the face massaging it into your skin with your fingers in a clockwise motion. Let this do its work for 10 minutes, then using a damp warm cloth, gently rub the oil off the skin.

Apply this as you feel is necessary. Every couple days has worked for me, but other people's skin dries easier than mine. So listen to your body.

Your skin wont have that dry feeling, and the body wont have to produce excess oils. Remember, this oil does not cause you to break out. So use without fear :)

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I also used excess oils it worked fine for me know I don't use it anymore because I don't have Acne anymore.

I readed the book :

And now I'm healed from acne but have 1 question.

Why is tea tree oil used for acne?

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