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Why does my pimple start looking like a bruise after a few months?

hello, ok well i have this acne problem. My GP doesnt even know what it is. When i get a pimple on my face, it hurts very much, but it does not break out. After a few days, the pimple hardens and eventually starts turning dark in color. When a few months go by, the bump on my face starts looking like a bruise, and does swallow up time to time. When it does break out after a few months, alot of dark, thick blood comes out. I'm just wondering what this might be as it seems very unusual to me that i have such bad acne at the age of 16. Please reply, your thoughts would be much appreciated.
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It is not unusual to have bad acne at the age of 16. Acne is caused by high levels of androgens (hormones). Androgens stimulate the sebaceous (oil) glands in the skin. The pores become blocked with excess oil and bacteria which feeds off this oil.
Treatment is either with oral or topical antibiotics (to kill acne-causing bacteria on the skin), topical retinoids (such as Differin or Retin-A), or anti-androgens (female patients only).
If standard treatments result in failure or relapse your GP can refer you to a dermatologist for Roaccutane (oral Isotretinoin), the most powerful acne treatment available.
What acne medication are you currently using? Retin-A will clear acne and heal the bruise-like scars you describe.
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Right now im using proactiv for my pimples, but i have been prescribed Retin-A by my doctor a couple of years back. It didnt really work so i discontinued using it. I also have facial eczema, can that make my pimples worse? Ive put up with my pimples for too long, it has actually lowered my self esteem to the point where i can't handle. I will see with my GP again so she can transfer me to a dermatologist. Thank you so much for the info.
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Hey i just came across this and i find i have the same thing. I get normal pimples tho but these come once in a while and theyre different and they start out as a small bruise and i can kind of feel a lump underneath but they stay there and manifest for longer and when they finally do pop theres alot of dark blood and pus and it always leaves a worse scar than my normal pimples. Shot in the dark if you reply but did you ever find out what it was or a solution for you?
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This sounds to me like a cystic acne.
It's like a normal pimple but it develops deeply in the skin layers. They kind of look like a bug bite, last a long time, are painful, may bruises and/or leave scars, feel soft/fluid filled.

If they are the same as above but feel hard (rather than fluid) then its probably nodulocystic/nodular acne. Which also develops in the deeper layers of skin.

I'm not sure I can give you much advice. Some sources say to apply cold to reduce inflammation, whilst other suggest heat. Most places seem to suggest the usual acne meds. Depending on how much its bothering you, is it worth seeing a dermatologist? They are the experts on skin problems and treatments.
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