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Xeractan (isotretinoin drugs) & joints pain solution journey

OK, hello reader by reaching this post I'm sure you noticed joints pain ever since you used the isotretinion drug and still didn't find a solution until now like me, so let us all try too look for it by ourselves and work together to fix what we have messed up, I'll embark this positive energized journey with a simple question, what is the very essence of these isotretinon drugs and how is it exactly causing all this weird problems?
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until now I keep finding that there is something wrong xeractan have made with the immune system ! I'll try to do some test with the doctor about it and update it here. keep it up whom ever reading :)
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sotretinoin is used for treating severe acne and is prescribed when there is no response to other medicines. The doctor may use it for other conditions too.
Isotretinoin is a retinoid and works by reducing skin oil production.  It changes the characteristics of the skin oil, and helps by preventing abnormal hardening of the skin.

Some medications and Vitamin A should not be taken at the same time as taking this drug.  People who are allergic to Vitamin A should not take this drug.  There is more information on the web with regard to usage and contraindications of taking this drug.

Have you been prescribed Xeractan for severe acne or for other reasons?

Pain management is not simple.  There are lots of different drugs and alternatives for the management of pain.  What helps someone with their pain, may not be helpful for someone else.

It also depends why you get the pain.  If a ligament, bone or tendon is damaged, torn or inflamed that can cause severe acute pain and restriction in mobility, then it is not that easy to find relief by medications.  
As we age, things deteriorate and sometimes it gets to the point that there is no one answer or one medication to relieve all the pain.
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