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acne on face chest and back

i m 17 years old and m having a problem of acne since i was 15 and i took every type of medicine from elopathy to homeopathy and even ayurvedic medicine.but it didnt worked but last month my acne suddenly cleared off.but i had to go to a dermatologyst for a hand infection and he gave me someantibiotics and now when my hand was cured the acne came back and more severe then ever they have been so please help me......................
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Hey I got something for you to check out... I have had the same problem.

Acne on my back since I was like 15... and it continued right on into adult hood.

You actually have to do a variety of things... Here are some suggestions:
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In summary what I have been doing:
1. No more coffee in my diet.
2. No more dairy in my diet.
3. No more diet softdrinks in my diet.
4. No more refined flour in my diet, and I am greatly reducing the amount of bread products I am eating.
5. I bought a juicer, and have my lemon juice every single morning first thing.  
6. I have been washing my back with lemon juice... Not only is this killing the bacteria, it also sped up the time
of that "after redness' and discoloration of the skin where a pimple once was.
7. I have been exercising daily.  I have been doing both cardio, and yoga.
8. I use a towel 3 times only, after the 3rd use, It's time for a new towel.
9. Also when I towel my body, i 'pat' my skin dry rather than rub it dry.  This will help retain moisture in the skin.  And also not spread dead skin cells across you which my plug a pore.
10. I clean my bed sheets, blankets, and pillow case once a week.  In addition to that, I only wear clean clothes when it's bedtime, and I shower before bed, so I am clean before I go into my bed.
11. I have been drinking my 8 glasses of water a day.
12. I wear 3 shirts a day...  1 after my shower and before my bed, 1 after i get out of bed and go off for my day, and 1 after i workout.  (I know showering would help after my workout but then i just want to have 1 shower a day, not 2).
13.Hair... I wash my hair daily, and I wash it first when I shower.  The bacteria will rinse off on my body, and the bacteria will wash all over my body out of my hair.  If you want try something like head and shoulders shampoo, which is a bit harsher shampoo but will kill more bacteria rather than just 'wash it out'.  But it's also a harsher shampoo.  Or use an anti-bacterial shampoo.
14. Daily supplements... Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Garlic Oil, Zinc, Omega 3, Cal/Mag/Zinc, probiotic supplement.
15. 2 cups of green tea daily, in the morning a caffeinated cup, in the evening a decaffeinated cup.
16. Getting that 8 hours of sleep, and those 8 glasses of water.
17. Also I haven't been drinking any alcohol at all.
18. I have also been avoiding legumes, peanuts, etc.
19. One surprise is that I still include my one piece of dark chocolate (85%) cocoa
20. No soy products.
21. I have been eating more fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.
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Another key thing... Don't wash your clothes with fabric softener.  The fabric softener may also be a major contributing factor for acne.
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I have had acne all my life, I am 33 yrs old. For the past 32 years, I tried everything from over the counter to prescriptions, nothing worked. I am fair skin, have oily skin. I believe I have found something that worked. For the past year I have been 95% acne free here is my story.  I now use these over the counter products, Apple cider vinegar as a daily face wash, I dissolve about 5 aspirins as a paste and use it as a mask for ten minutes daily. I also stopped drinking milk, milk produces hormones that can cause acne. I bought this product that's is called "tanda" its a blue light therapy, it works by eliminating bacteria on your face. I believe milk was my biggest cause. Also if your a male and you shave , instead of shaving use a beard trimmer to get a close shave, that way you will not get the irritation from a straight razor. I hope this helps.
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