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bad acne

im 16 and for the past two months i have been getting ance that looks like rash and some that are painful to touch.i have been using some acne treatments but they are not working plz help
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this tips help me a lot i hope it help u too! sorry it long

Enriching Face Cream: Ideal for normal to oily complexions,

remove dirt, oil and makeup also removes dead skin cells. do

this 3 times in week

Tips for Preventing Breakouts
* Choose "noncomedogenic" hair, skin, & makeup products.
* Avoid touching your face with your hands. Hands can spread

bacteria to facial pores.
* Rinse off soon after working out to help prevent sweat and

skin oils from mixing and clogging pores.
* Avoid overwashing or using harsh scrubs. These can cause

excess oil production.
* Keep stress under control. Stress doesn't cause acne, but it

may lead to overproduction of skin oils.
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Have you ever thought about going natural to combat the problem?

Clay works. Believe it or not.  The one that's just below the top soil. Sounds weird but it works.  Try buying Green Clay by A Vogel.

You could try using grapefruit seed extract and especially Grace Harbor Farms - MSM Cream.

Let me see...Silver Shield Antimicrobial Gel helps soothe inflammation and acne.

The diet thing is a good thing so try eating a variety of fruits, grains, vegetables, legumes, seeds, and nuts. Try avoiding animal proteins, to limit fat, sugar, and salts and it should help improve your skin . :D

It's worth a try. It's all natural. :) Good luck.
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