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clogged pores

Hi. I am 27 years old and I have had moderate acne since grade school during puberty. Only I have never fully grown out of it. My derm says I have hormonal acne and she prescribed me 200 mg spironolactone and Tazorac .01% gel. My acne has changed since I was younger. For the past maybe 4 years maybe I have gone from mild pimples to extreme clogged pores. I have always had oily skin and mild clogged pores I guess. I stopped spiro for god knows what reason a year or two ago, was off it a while, acne and oiliness came back on face, chest and back/shoulders not long after. Now I have started it again and it doesn't seem to be working as well. Also, I have been using Tazorac for a good month and I know people have initial breakouts and it purges your skin, but it seems like every pore on my face is clogged with creamy white sebum, hard yellowish sebum, blackhead or some occasional whiteheads and regular small reddish looking zits. It doesn't seem like it is working, my face hasn't let up on oil production either. It seems the comedones are a little easier to extract since Tazorac but I am so frustrated and worried. Somedays i think my skin looks better, can't see as many clogged pores but then the next day they are there again. My skin looks horrible. The texture is what really gets me too. Rough and bumpy and oily. Eww. I have one of those faces that always feel "open". I have large pores, scarred pores, oiliness, clogged pores and my face sweats a lot when I get hot. Like some people don't have a lot of sweat glands on their face but I do I guess. I am sure that doesn't help my clogged pores and oiliness. I try to carry face wipes and I never wear any makeup.
So, my question is should I maybe try Accutane? Or maybe there is some other stronger medicine to block more androgens if this is hormonal. I have scars now from trying to squeeze this stuff out of my face for so many years because it is so gross and my face always feel dirty and clogged. I know! BAD ME! I am really trying to stop because it isn't helping anyway.
Clay masks, steaming, facials, scrubs, Tazorac, and spiro are all failing me. how can you have clogged pores all over your face???? Something is very wrong with my body.

And please, i don't want any diet suggestions or herbal suggestions. I eat pretty well, drink water, take multivitamin, exercise, have tried essential oils, carrier oils like grapeseed to "dissolve" the sebum, vinegar solution.
I need something extreme!

Please help!!!!!!!!!!!
very depressed 27 year old that just wants to feel pretty
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Hi. I'm not going to give you diet advice, as you know acne is caused by a sensitivity to androgens, not foods. There is a lack of medical evidence that homeopathic remedies help acne.
Spironolactone can take 3-4 months to work. It will work faster if used in conjunction with Diane35 (cyproterone acetate & ethinylestradiol).
It certainly sounds as if you may be a candidate for Accutane. Accutane is statistically the most effective acne treatment available. It virtually always results in excellent or complete skin clearing after 16-24 weeks. In 80% of cases patients remain acne-free indefinately, the remaining 20% (including myself) require a second or third course.
You can have laser treatment or a chemical skin peel to remove stubborn scars, but you must wait until 6 months after finishing Accutane due to the increased risk of scarring and irritation. Check out my photos in my profile :)
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Hey! Ok so I have an update on my skin
First I want to say thank you so much for replying and for the advice
I have been faithfully using my Tazorac gel for a good 2 months I would say and my skin is improving. i no longer have clogged pores all over. I would say only 25% of my face mainly around nose and chin area. And those are getting better.
I actually have been really bad about taking my Spironlactone recently so it makes me wonder if I really even need it. My back and chest has a few small bumps but I just hate taking so much medicine. I think I am going too though. I bet if I get on that religiously my clogged pores will be history. Maybe... So. I think my new routine will be this
Morning-Wash face with water in the shower, or Clean and Clear Morning Burst In-Shower Facial(mild levels of glycolic acid and beads to remove flakey skin from Tazorac) then apply an alchohol free toner, a dab of CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion, wrinkle gel around eyes and a little sunscreen around my eyes after wrinkle cream dries
Evening-Wash face with one these cleansers depending on skin
Burts Bees Soap Bark Cream, CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser using my face brush to gently scrub my pores
Apply a dime size amount of CerVe Moisturizing Lotion to skin and let dry or at least 10 minutes
Apply a small amount of Tazorac dabbing the most on either side of my cheeks where I have the most clogged pores and scars and massage gently around skin
I also take a dab of firming cream and mix a tiny amount of Tazorac in it and pat under my eyes and where crows feet would be. I am hoping this will help with small lines I am getting under eyes(from squinting so much) also using sunscreen now in the day to prevent the lines
I do a clay mask several times a week as well
Ok so on top of this I am also going to start seeing an esthetician for some simple facials twice a month for steaming and extractions
Now that my skin is looking pretty good as far as acne goes now I am noticing how bad my scarring is
To me it is bad, to some other acne sufferers it might be pretty mild. But I feel like I am the only one with scars. I hardly ever see anyone with real depressed scars (not just hyperpigmentation "scars") If I put foundation on my skin looks pretty good in some lighting but the sides of my face have a lot of scars and the skin looks rough and gross. But I think they are superficial enough to where I could treat them with the peel I have at home (maybe 12 applications would do the trick but can't use because I am doing Tazorac right now) or maybe a stronger peel or laser from a doctor. I just hate the thought of paying several thousand dollars for laser that some people say showed no difference and is a waste of money etc
I feel bad because I am spending all this time and money when my husband and I could be using it on something cool and fun for both of us
Ok sorry just venting now
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I think your skin care routine might be part of the problem. If you're using Tazorac gel you're only going to irritate your skin by using Clean and Clear.
I would completely stay away from Clean and Clear and any of the other washes with large beads in them. It will only put more stress of your skin. I believe Tazorac is a vit. A derivative.. Kind of like salicylic acid and mostly all the over the counter acne face washes are salicylic acid as well.
I've had acne since I was in grade school as well, and the only thing that has improved my skin is honestly Mild mild wash (cetaphil) and benzol peroxide.
I also use Cliniques dramatically different moisturizing gel (good for oily skin)
I would also recommend seeing an allergist. I cut dairy,Meat and soy out of my diet and it dramatically improved my skin.

If traditional medicine isn't doing you any favors I would really recommend seeing a naturopath. It's what helped me.

Atleast try that before you risk your body to accutane.. Eeek
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Other suggestions ---
Sulfur! It is like magic. It dries up pimples without completely drying out your skin.

Arcona is also a great natural brand of skin care.

I honestly think you should try some benzoyl though, You can buy a bar of the stuff at pharmacies or get it from a dermatologist.. But use a super mild face wash.. That harsh clean and clear **** is only going to make it worse.

I've done chemical peels and it really does work to take away the appearance of pitting and dark spots. They aren't as expensive as laser treatments either.
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I had moderate acne on my face that came out of nowhere.  My doc did a levulan treatment with blu-u.  I did the blu light treatment 2x week for 4 weeks. She got me on Jan Marini non glycolic cleanser, pro derm 5-2 lotion (glycolic and salicylic acid lotion) and a daily sunscreen by Vivier.  
My skin has never been so soft after the levulan, it got rid of all the rough, dead skin. You have a few days of downtime but it was so worth it. My cystic acne has never come back since.
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