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fat food gives me acne

Ok I will first tell my story and what I think could possibly cause the acne
It has been 5 years ago since my acne started.
Now 3 years ago I started to care about my acne and tried many things to reduce it.
My first attempts were topical, things like clearaseal, ph neutral soap and moisturizers.
That really didn´t change alot so I decided to seek help with the docter. He prescribed me
some creams. I used the creams a few weeks and found that my skin was becoming really flaky
and burned all the time with no real results so I decided to stop taking the cream.
Then I gave up for about a year and for some reason (after about 3 months) my acne completely
dissapeared. Now i have been thinking about what could be the cause for this dissapearance and
it could be several things, one thing is that because I was very broke that time I never had money
to spend on food which made me have hunger somethimes after school which could bring balance to my eating
pattern, the other thing could be that it could have to do with sleep (as I really slept
alot at that time) Also I remember that I felt like I got rid a intestine or stumic pain which
I have had since I was about 7, I don't know if this could have to do anything with my acne but when
I was 7 one morning I ate cold baked egg with bread and suddenly I got real bad spastic feeling in
in my belly which put me in terrible pain for about 4 hours (could not move and stayed in bed)
I told my father but he said it had to do with not chewing good enough.
At that time I never decided to go and see a doctor and thought it would go away by time.
Some symptoms are that since that pain I cannot sleep with
the elastic from the underpants on my belly as I will get a feeling like my intestines are blocked,
if I sleep with te elastic and wake up after a few hours and remove it my belly would make a
few sounds and go away by about 30 minutes.
Anyhow to continue my acne story the holiday time finished and I had to go back to school again.
Then my acne started coming back and strangely enough also my pain in my belly.
Now the last few months I tried different things to eliminate the feeling in my belly because
i think it has something to do with my acne. One thing that I tried is called apple fast and is
nothing different than eating only apples for 3 days long. Well this gave me no real difference
in my acne or pain in my belly (however during the fast I didn't have any pain and I actually felt
better than sometimes after dinner). Then I started my current regimen which is 2000mg psyllium husks
(for fiber) and 520mg charcoal (for intoxication) supplements and also take a yakult every morning
and evening (probiotic drink) which helps me alot with the feeling in my belly. Now since im on my current regimen my acne starts to get alot less,
the only trouble is that once I eat something fat (for instance yesterday I ate pizza)
I start to have terrible breakouts and get big cysts and small whiteheads and blackhead on my back, chest
and face and notice that I have (more) pain in my belly.
Another thing which I noticed is that when I eat fat I lose alot of water, which could explain why i'm so light weighted.
about this is that more fat doesn't increase my weight
Now is my question do you have any suspicion on what could be wrong with me,
as I do not want to remove fat completely from my diet and feel healthy and get a clear skin like I did when I was younger.

So here some thing that might have to do with it
diseases I think I might have:
irritable bowel syndrome
diabetes (used my grandma's device many times and a few times gave me over 10)

Some of my symptoms I have:
pain in my belly
dry mouth (when I wake up for example)
tiredness (mostly in the afternoon and in the evening im very awake)
always hungry

Thanks for reading and I hope you can help me.
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Hi. Acne is caused by a particular sensitivity to the effects of androgens. Androgens are male hormones which occur in male and female bodies. Androgens stimulate the sebaceous (oil) glands in the skin. Bacteria on the skin feeds off this excess oil, blocking the pores and resulting in inflammed acne lesions.
There is a lack of medical evidence that any foods cause acne.
If topical acne preparations cause drying, rebalance your skin with a bland cleanser such as Cetaphil or La Roche-Posay. Use topical retinoids every other night and gradually increase to nightly use.
Alternatively, ask your doctor for an oral antibiotic to kill acne-causing bacteria on the skin, eg Oxytetracycline 250mg twice daily or Lymecycline 408mg once daily. These can be used in conjunction with a topical retinoid such as Differin (adapalene 0.1%).
As I am only an expert on acne, I cannot suggest what is causing the pain in your abdomen. But this is probably not related to your acne. Acne occurs as described above, and is not usually a symptom of a serious underlying condition.
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