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food allergies or acne???

Hi Im sheila and im 27 yrs old. I been suffering from acne almost 7yrs. 5 yrs ago ive done my skin test and it shows that i have so many allergies both in food and air.

1.) Can this cause pimples/acne??? because i can observe that my pimples is showing if im eating foods which i knw i have allergies unto it???
2.) Is acne/pimple is genetics???
3.) soap,shampoo and conditioner causes acne/pimple???

I am taking decutan for my treament.

I will really appreciate if you will revert to me.

Thanks and God bless,

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acne is genetic, but what you wash your face with can control it, I am currently trying proactive solution, if u are allergic to sulfer don't use it, my neck broke out in a rash so I avoid putting it on my neck. avoid foods that are making you breakout, milk is good for you and can help u live long unless your allergic but it also has a hormone that aids in acne, skim milk is the worst.
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Hi daisy…im currently using VICHY and i can observe that its working on me…DECUTAN helps me,my pimple is getting dry and its preventing new one to come out but im putting so much of weight,I feel heavy and my bones and muscles is always painful…I have a very long list of my food allergies and its making me sick!i cant have milk unless its lacto free…
Thanks for the advice.
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