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how to clear ur skin?

I have three problems wth my skin.
1. My acne. I have got pimples since the age of 12. I m 21 now. I have taken several courses of vibromycine and twice hv taken courses of azithromycin. Acne gets much better when I m using medicine but then relapses occur, usually when my workload is increased due to any reason e.g. exams. My skin type is oily. I drink abt 8 glasses of water a day. I also apply Retinoin regularly but tht doesn't control the problem.

2. Blackheads. I have got a lot of them on nose and adjacent skin. I haven't done anything for these so far.

3.chicken pox marks. I contracted chicken pox this year in july, recovered in 2 weeks. But since then I hv got sm deep marks on my face, mostly on forehead, nose and adjacent skin. Don't know if there's any treatment for them other than laser.

So, in short I don't hv a clear skin at all :) I'd be really thankful if u discuss my problem and inform me.
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Hi aanyaolive, I had acne on my face for the last 10 years and I was very unhappy about them. Then I discovered that if I replaced chicken and beef in my diet with various kinds of fish (salmon, perch, mahi mahi, etc), and egg white, my acne almost completely disappeared. Drinking a glass of red wine sometimes with dinner also seemed to help tremendously. Now finally, after 10 years I feel like I can step out of the door again without feeling awful about the way I look.
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