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how to remove acne pores and scars

I am 27 old boy.i have been suffered from acne problem since age 16. still i have acne and somewhat little than past years.I have lot of acne pores and scars on my face. i want remove those.but I can't get laser or related treatments.cause they are expensive.Have home remedies or any cream, lotion treatments for acne pores and scars? i f you know any good cream, lotion or anything for removing acne pores and scars.please let me know.thank you very much for your kind responses....
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For Scars try Bio- Oil , Sudden Change Scar Zone A Acne Treatment and Scar Diminishing Cream, Skin-RT Scar Gel or Clean and Clear advantage 2-in-1 acne & mark eraser kit. Pores: Neutrogena Pore refining cream, Retin A ,Mary Kay Pore Purifying Serum for Acne-Prone Skin & Olay Pore Minimizing Cleanser + Scrub.
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Chemical peelings are not that expensive. I had seven treatments till now and my face look much better. Well, It's still noticeable but whatever you do your face wont heal 100%, not even with laser treatments.
What I can tell is that my face look way better, step by step, I hope to see more improvements.

I never tired any lotions or creams for scars exactly but I still  use some mild natural creams that I used to treat acne with.
Get enough sleep if you want your skin to look better; water and vitamins are also important.
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Thanks dear for the great reply.Im here in Sri lanka.I don't know whether those Items have on here markets.However thanks a lot.
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I'd recommend invicible scars. It's a great product one could have and is unlike those so called branded products which are of no use and a complete waste of money. It treated me within weeks
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invicible scar product is it available in sri lanka. where I can find that??
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